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HAYDEN Panettiere has gone back to her ex-partner Wladimir Klitschko. The actress was seen getting cozy next to the giant Ukrainian boxer in Miami, Florida. The pair are very obviously an item again. According to TMZ they publicly cuddled together on a couch at the Beach Taco Shack.

Wladimir has said that he is going to make every effort to visit Hayden on the tv set of her latest show, Nashville. Hayden is completely happy and wants to make the relationship work. They are in love and tighter than they have ever been. The pair have also been enjoying travelling together.

hayden panattiere

The reunion of the couple comes immediately after her separation from American footballer, Scotty McKnight, who she was dating for a year and a half. However, the couple were not compatible and Hayden had dated Scotty McKnight just a month after splitting with Wladimir. Hayden was with the heavy weight fighter for 18 months, but split because it was too difficult to maintain a long distance relationship. The pair remained close friends and despite their 2011 separation, the couple has reunited.

It’s all wedding bells and love for one 32 year old actress who got engaged a few months ago. Christina Ricci finally confirmed the rumors that she is going to get married to her one year boyfriend James Heeredegen. The two who met up at Christina’s Pan Am set, fell hopelessly for each other and have since been a couple. At the time, James was a dolly grip on the set.

christina ricci

Although Christina was previously in a relationship with actor Owen Benjamin until June 2009 when they split up, she seems quite happy and content with her new love. In fact, the romance with her beau James has been on the grape vine since February 2012 when the two were spotted at the W retreat spa Vieques Island in a romantic moment.

So now we are finally sure, the diamond ring that has been on her finger since October is indeed an engagement ring! Well, all we can do now is wish the best for this couple.

Justin Bieber Ferrari pulled over again as reported by TMZ. He was driving with his friend Lil Za when they got pulled over. According to witnesses, the Ferrari got caught up in Chipotle near Los Angeles.

justin bieber pulled over

They saw Justin Bieber’s friend Lil Za dropped a female companion and sped away. Lil Za even posted a picture of his female companion and tweeted about her being shy.
After that the witnesses saw them take a U-turn then moments later the cops have arrived and ask the driver to pull over.

The companion of Bieber Lil Za was then given a ticket and then after that he was allowed to go.Reports say that Bieber was not in the car when these events have transpired.
It was stated earlier Friday Morning that Lil Za got the same reprimand because he drived without license, he should have been arrested but cops gave him another chance.

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Scarlett Johansson gets on the cover for Esquire Russia but I can’t seem to see her well-known shapes,only some attitude!

If you look deeper into this cover you can categorize her as one mysterious woman.

scarlett johansson esquire russia

Even that she is not wearing something that can wake up any boy’s interest,I still love the clothes she is wearing and I can say the same thing about that amazing make-up.Those sparkling eyes and that fashionista appearance are something divine.

As you can see, she doesn’t need to be naked in order to get good feedback from her fans,right?

J.R dies at the age of 81 after one bad fight with cancer.

Most of you know Larry Hagman who played in the tv serial Dallas as J.R which was something amazing at those times and still is!

His family said in a statement:

“He was surrounded by loved ones when he passed.It was peaceful passing,just as he had wished for.”

jr dead

J.R also chosen to play in the new series of Dallas and it was just as we imagined him,amazing!

Dallas was one tv serial that made our childhood more interesting,it made us change ourselves in a way or another!

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A brawl got Gabriel Aubry arrested. Halle Berry’s ex was caught up in a brawl that involved him and Berry’s current fianc Oliver Martinez..This ThanksGiving Day’s brawl happen when Aubry who is a renowned model went to drop off his 4 year old daughter Nahla when he is said to have attacked Oliver.

The police had to be called to the home with Aubry having to be taken to hospital for injuries he suffered that included bruises on the face, a rib that was possibly broken as well as head injuries that are said to be possibly serious, all these according to TMZ. Aubry is said to have been the one who threw the first punch that led to the brutal fight between him and Frenchman Oliver. All this drama occurred within Halle’s home at 10am during a custodial hand over.

It is said that the cause of the fight is the recent court case that had everything to do with the custody of little Nahla in which it was ruled that the girl would not be moved to France as her mother and current fianc had planned to. Oliver is said to have told Aubry that they had to move on in reference to the court case when he got pushed and the punched in the face. It is reported on TMZ that Aubry then pushed Oliver to the ground where a struggle ensued and eventually Oliver had Aubry pinned to the ground.

This eventually led to another twist in which Aubry was ordered by a judge in an emergency protective order to not get within 100 yards of Halle, her fianc and Nahla. It is said that it is Oliver who pressed the charges and ensured that the orders were issued as he was seen to be visibly angry after the incident. What is not clear however is whether little Nahla witnessed the whole brawl.

gabriel and aubry fight

Aubry had petitioned the court not to let Nahla move to France with her mother and her mother’s fianc as this would deny him a chance to spend time with his daughter from time to time. In her defense, HalleBerry claimed that privacy laws within France were stricter and that this would help keep their daughter away from the limelight, a situation that would be caused by the ever present paparazzi.

However, the court was not to here any of this and went as far as ruling in Aubry’s favor. Halle and Aubry went separate ways in 2010 with Oliver having to put their wedding plans on hold for his fianc to concentrate on the custody battle that was already in court.

Barely 24 hours before the brawl, Aubry, Oliver and Halle including little Nahla had all attended Thanksgiving in Los Angels. Halle and her fianc had picked Nahla from school for the Thanksgiving party while her father Aubry took her home with him on Wednesday and was returning her to her mother when all hell broke loose.

It is not clear how the nest few days are going to be and what implications the brawl is going to have on the earlier ruling.

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Disney purchases Lucas film was not a headline that people ever expected to see, as this movie mogul had claimed that he would never sell. However, Lucas claims that it is now time to pass Star Wars to a new family of film makers, and Disney was perfect. Disney paid $4.05billion for the deal, and has indicated that there will be a new set of Star Wars films.

There has been a huge amount of excitement surrounding the deal; with many disappointed that Lucas sold to anyone. Disney intends to release Star Wars 7 in 2015, and then a new, exciting Star Wars film every two years. Lucas will remain as the creative consultant for the films, ensuring that he remains a part of his incredible hit, which is a phenomenon worldwide.

disney lucas film

Lucas has always stated that Star Wars would live beyond him, therefore, through new eyes, and a different generation of film makers it will be reborn bigger and better. The headline of Disney purchases Lucas film, was not a shock to people in the industry, and many believe that it has been planned for several years.

On October 31st, Halloween which is also commonly known as All Hallows’ Eve is celebrated in a number of countries. The day is determined as the eve of the Western Christian feast in which all hallows that is saints take part. According to the views of many scholars this event was mainly influenced by the western European harvest festivals the Celtic Samhain in specific. Some other scholars believe that they may have different roots of origin. The typical Halloween celebration includes carving of pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, lighting beautiful bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, watching horror movies etc.

So this year the celebration was not an exception as the Hollywood celebrities were in full mood to get dressed up to enjoy this auspicious eve. At Jonathan Robb’s annual bash Miss Willoughby stood out from the rest of the crowd. She was looking frightening in her scary Halloween dress and makeup. She has been dressing up in a specific way whether she is presenting herself in front of the camera or attending a celebrity party. However with that outstanding presence Holly Willoughby couldn’t just let it loose and have complete fun wearing that outfit. Her famous TV face was completely altered in the party of Jonathan Ross on the Wednesday evening.

Thus she could be easily voted for flaunting the best celebrity Halloween costume of 2012. It is important to remember that Miss Willoughby’s costume is considered as the best celebrity Halloween costume of 2012 because it was very original and outstanding.

celebrity halloween costumes

The most important part or chapter of the Halloween costume parties has always been the concept and the idea of dressing up. Hollywood celebrities often have specific ideas about the way they want to dress up. They have plentiful resources to get the right type of dress and makeup, most of them focus on minute details. If the motive and the impulse behind the design are not so bright then the final and finished product is not going to be attractive even if the execution is brilliant. In the present day scenario normal people also have a lot of options to dress up uniquely during Halloween as there are a number of shops that provide custom made Halloween dresses.

According to the resources people have a pretty good knowledge about the best celebrity Halloween costumes and they follow the ways their favorite celebrities are dressed up.
Though Heidi Klum had to cancel her participation in the annual Halloween costume party this year due to the hurricane named Sandy in New York City, she had plenty of plans for the party regarding the creative celebrity costumes this year.

Some of the description of the 2012 best celebrity Halloween costumes are as follows:Kim Kardarshian attended the Midori costume bash on October 27 by dressing up as the blond mermaid in the film Splash.Jessica Simpson posted a family photo on her website on October 31 where she has a milkmaid costume.At the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Halloween party, Katy Perry was dressed up as the character of Jane from the MTV’s cartoon, Daria.

Megan Fox and her husband Brian Austin Green welcomed a baby boy on the 27th of September, which was confirmed by her spokesperson to MailOnline. Megan is a 26-year-old actress and it is her first child, with her husband. The Transformers star subsequently announce the news on September 27 to their fans on Facebook, talking about their ‘healthy, happy, and perfect little bundle of joy. Megan Fox and Brian Austin baby boy became the talk of the date after the announce.

The couple also stated that, they are deeply humbled by this opportunity of being real parents to their beautiful child and are very thankful to the almighty for granting them an opportunity to know such kind of boundless and perfect love. The couple also appreciated those who sent them well wishes and those who were still doing so. They were quoted saying May God bless our well wishers and their families abundantly.’

megan fox baby boy

Though this is the first child for the couple, Shannon has a 10-year-old son called Kassius from a prior relationship with actress Vanessa Marcil. Megan spoke about the joys of being a stepmother, especially the joy of raising her step son. She started living with Shannon, when his son was only two years old while she was18. She has taken care of Kassius since he was three which makes majority of people believe that, she will also make a perfect mother for her own son.

Megan as first reported as pregnant in April but she confirmed these allegations in June. It was also during this time in an interview with the Cosmopolitan magazine, she confesses about her mothering inclinations. She claimed that she wants at least two to three children. The couple first met back in 2004 while they were working on the sitcom “Hope & Faith”. They got engaged in 2006 but had a brief split in 2009, and later got engaged again few weeks before their wedding in June 2010 in Hawaii.

Not too long after Chris Brown exchanged a friendly kiss with his ex, Rihanna at the VMAs earlier in the month, Brown and form Pussycat Doll singer, Nicole Scherzinger were caught in a photograph of what appears to be the pair making out. What adds to the controversy is the fact that both Brown and Scherzinger are both involved in relationships of their own. Chris Brown has been dating Karrueche Tran for the past two year while Nicole Scherzinger has been in a rocky relationship with boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton.

Representatives for Nicole Scherzinger are assuring the public that the grainy photo is nothing more than the two trying to have a conversation at the Hollywood nightclub but witnesses have come forward stating that they were indeed exchanging a kiss. Chris Brown has already been in serious trouble with his girlfriend after the whole kiss with Rihanna at the VMAs but has let it slide by this time. If the kiss between Brown and Scherzinger surfaces as a true incident, this might just be the end of the relationship for Chris and Karrueche.

nicole chris brown

Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton have had an on again, off again relationship since they first started dating back in late 2007 and after three years, they called the relationship quits only to rekindle earlier this year. Brown’s representatives have remained quiet about the entire ordeal so far but after Brown’s kiss and rumors that he might be trying to rekindle his relationship with his ex, Rihanna, the photo might just be true. Many people are criticizing Scherzinger for even thinking about showing Brown the slightest bit of attention because of the abuse that Rihanna suffered from him while the pair were dating and others see the photo as nothing other than two people trying to talk in a loud club.

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