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Gta V Cash

Rockstar have announced that two blocks of $250k of cash would be put into users virtual accounts as compensation for GTA Online’s teething problems. The compensation, known as the ‘Stimulus Package’, should start appearing as soon as next week.

There have been huge volumes of problems with GTA Online since its launch on October 1st with many gamers losing Money, Cars, Properties and above all progress.

My personal experience is all of the above mentioned. I lost my car, which I wasn’t too bothered about, then mission cash, then my 2 garages, and then my level 20 progress as well as remaining stuck in the tutorial race, where you race Lemar.

But Rockstar is still patching (with its 4th announced) and continually updating its users with blog posts which is more than what can be said about other games companies, something which we can all be happy about. And by taking the consumers’ feedback it can be the best online experience in years for games, with the addition of more missions, races and deathmatches. With the heists yet to even be added.

In order to keep the current worldwide in-game economy balanced, Rockstar will be providing this GTA $ to players via two deposits of $250,000. They will announce the specific dates as soon as possible, but are currently hoping to be able to make the first deposit by the end of next week (after confirming that issues causing game progress loss have been fixed by a new game patch for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) with the second installment to happen by the end of the month. For players who experienced cloud server errors, connection issues, and lost game progress and characters in these first days of GTA Online, The GTA$ will help to facilitate a fresh start and make continued life in Los Santos and Blaine County extra sweet.

There are a few conditions you need to meet to be granted your $500k cash.

You must play or have played Grand Theft Auto Online at any time during the month of October 2013 in order to qualify for the GTA $500,000 deposit in your in-game bank account.

Players will first have to install a forthcoming GTAV title update which we expect to happen next week. That title update (1.04) is expected to fix the remaining instances of issues that have caused vehicle purchase loss and will also enable the functionality through which we’ll be providing this GTA $ stimulus cash to players.

Rockstar will announce on NewsWire when the deposits have been made.

What will you be spending your cash on? Do you think that $500k is enough compensation for the problems? Leave a Comment below!

Personally I’ll be buying everything that I possibly can, starting with my 2 garages, my kitted out car and my apartment.

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Gta V 600x300

So GTA V is finally here! It’s kind of hard to believe it after all these years of waiting but we’ve finally got our hands on the game, and you know what it’s pretty darn good. I’m sure that I don’t need to garnish this article with the amount of perfect scores that this game has got from reviewers on the internet, in the press and every other media imaginable. Currently (20th September 2013) on Metacritic, the PS3 version of GTA V has 97 and the Xbox 360 version has 98.

We’ve all been waiting a long time for GTA V and I would be lying if I didn’t expect some kind of disappointment when I put the disc in my PS3 for the first time. It’s not that I had any doubts in Rockstar, I’ve pretty loved every game they’ve ever released, but I thought that there was no way GTA V could live up to the unreasonable hype of the media and, in a way, my own mind.

After a lengthy (it wasn’t that long, but it felt like ages) installation process, I started my GTA V journey and I became lost for words. This game breaks any and every boundary of open world games to date. It is beautiful, terrifying and complex. It will shock you, make you feel ill, excite you, and make you question your very morality and more importantly, the morality of the world around you. And the best part is that I can say this with confidence despite only being halfway through. So with that in mind, let’s dive in to ’10 Insane Moments That Define GTA V’s Opening Hours’

Oh, and spoilers will be at a minimum…

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The Legend of Zelda has been a fan favourite game ever since it first appeared in the late 80s on the NES, so it would be a fair assumption to say that many gamers, developers and game designers have been inspired by the green-clad hero of time. From fan-made art, Kickstarter movie projects and a musical concert tour, The Legend of Zelda has been the main source of inspiration for many individuals. And with the Wind Waker HD edition due out in less than a month, along with the November release for A Link Between Worlds, Link’s adventures won’t be grinding to a halt any time soon.

From its initial launch on the NES, the franchise soared in popularity during the late 90s when Ocarina of Time was announced for Nintendo’s sixth generation console the GameCube. Ocarina of Time went onto critical acclaim and is often hailed as the pinnacle of the series, shifting approximately 2.5 million in 1998. Over 26 years, Nintendo has continued to raise the bar in both aesthetic design and gameplay and has released a combination of 18 separate Zelda games, with numbers 19 and 20 cresting the waves to the Wii U and 3DS.

So with the abundance of Zelda titles on offer, why does the gaming industry feel compelled to cash-in on the franchise by giving us more Zelda-esque battles and gameplay? There have been a slew of games that have tried to copy – some with success, others not so much – the series’ notoriety and appeal, resulting in truly inspirational titles such as Okami and 3D Dot Game Heroes. But how much inspiration is just too much? And when does a game go from merely referential to a downright rip-off? From the fiery pits of a dungeon, the forgotten sands of time and those perilous water levels that we never want to relive ever again, here are five games that shamelessly ripped off The Legend of Zelda.

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Rsz Dishonored Wallpaper

Let’s get one thing straight right here at the beginning. This is going to be a totally badass, consequence-free psychopath of an article. All of you that have a faint heart or something like that (I dunno, I don’t speak nancy) should close the browser and go sit in the corner. There will be blood, guts and dismemberment and we’re not ashamed of it.

On a serious note, any real gamer knows that violence is just a necessary byproduct of a thriving industry. The games are designed to make you feel like a hero (in most cases). What better way to achieve this than giving you a shiny sword and sending you on a crash course against all manners of obstacles. The most basic obstacle is, arguably, that dumbass goblin that tries to poke you in the eye with a sharpened stick. Games are giving us an alternate reality where we can actually change the world with little to no effort. So, let’s embrace the idea.

Also, the disclaimer ends here. Continue reading at your own risk.

9. Prototype – Everything

Rsz Prototype 11

“Oh, let me get that mosquito off your shoulder.”

If you have never played Prototype, I strongly encourage you to do so. It’s as if someone created a sandbox (pun totally intended) where you can murder everything that moves. Imagine the following. You’re walking down the road, killing zombies and minding your own business. Suddenly, a wild black ops unit appears and attacks you. Sure, you can pick up a gun and return fire if you’re into the boring stuff. But you could also turn your right arm in a mutated whip and crash some random helicopter on the military guys. Or simply beat them all into a bloody pulp.

While this game might lack storyline and character depth, it delivers twice the promised amounts of violence. There isn’t any particular kill that’s inventive here, but the fact that Alex Mercer himself is a transmutating weapon at your disposal. The Blacklight virus combined with a vast sandbox city allows us to approach any conflict intelligently. After that, we can block the intelligent part and just murder-punch everybody. There’s no similar game that lets you roam the game world and just do what you like without any repercussions. In Prototype, there’s no guilt, there’s no consequences and there’s no lack of blood.

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The new multiplayer trailer for Grand Theft Auto V has just been dropped by Rockstar, making it clear that this is going to not only going to be the most ambitious title in the franchise to date, but also one of the most exciting video games in history. Clearly, the time, effort and resources that have been poured into this game are far in excess of the majority of video games in production today.

Referred to as Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar make it abundantly clear in this trailer that GTA Online is very much its own arm of the game and not just a half-assed expansion. It is a persistent online world for 16 players that uses the world of the game, but will apparently expand after its launch on October 1st with additional content to diversify the experience and make the world feel “alive”.

The staggering number of features that the mode offers include exploring the world with friends, co-operative missions, designing your own missions, playing golf together, racing on land, air and sea, buying your own apartment, purchasing a garage, and even having your friends round to hang out. You can also customise your player’s appearance, hone their stats, earn rep and cash, and essentially rise through the ranks of this immense online world.

GTA Online comes packaged with the full game on September 17th at no extra cost, and will then launch two weeks later. As if this game couldn’t get anymore time consuming…

What do you make of GTA’s staggeringly ambitious online offering? How many days are you calling in sick for work? Let us know in the comments below.

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If you’ve played Irrational Games’ ’Bioshock’, then you’re probably familiar with its underwater setting. The game features the underwater city of Rapture; a dark, unsettling city riddled with a crazed dystopian society, blood stained streets and genetically enhanced human beings – the stuff nightmares are made of.

Now, I’m not proposing that we bring that version of Rapture to life, but what if we could make the perfect underwater city? One with complacent citizens and advanced research facilities: a true underwater utopia. This is considering the fact that none of the events in the game occur – that Rapture actually turned out perfectly and the incident with gene splicing never really happened. Should we build an underwater city? Here’s a list that might make you support the idea.

5. Research


Rapture was founded upon the idea that scientific research wouldn’t be affected by religion or politics – that Rapture truly was for the advancement of the human race. If humans do build an underwater utopia, we’d be able to learn more about our planet than ever-before. Did you know that we know more about space than we do about what’s under the ocean? Perhaps the search for extra-terrestrial life should begin underwater. Who knows, maybe one day we really will find a piece of crashed alien spacecraft: the chances of a spaceship hitting the ocean is a lot higher than a spaceship hitting land.

Seeing that humans have only explored 5% of the world’s oceans, an underwater city would prove beneficial as a ‘command centre’. It’d be a lot cheaper exploring our own backyard than launching into space.

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online gaming

Online multiplayer – one could argue – is a fantastic step in bringing players from round the world to enjoy an experience as one big happy family. On the other hand, it’s a needless, forced attempt by developers to create a half-arsed campaign, where prepubescent teenagers won’t shut their bloody traps and having your race and/or sexuality questioned is the norm.

Online multiplayer nowadays seems like an outdated expression like saying “bootleg” for a pirate DVD. I say this because multiplayer as I know it has virtually disappeared. Gone are the days of screen watching and being able to slap your opponent across the gums when they kill you – now it’s replaced with connection problems and huge amounts of racism. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been playing online and have had some little git scream things down the mic like some overweight American from the Bible belt.

This is one of the issues I have with online multiplayer because it gives people complete anonymity to say whatever they want – and even though I’m all for freedom of speech, it doesn’t mean everyone else wants to hear you screaming abuse out of your mouth because you believe using “big boy” language means you’re ‘ard as bloody nails.

Which brings me to my next problem I have with gamers online: how they shift the blame of their own cack-handedness to lag, or their controllers broken, or their teammates are ‘noobs’, or there’s a whale sitting in front of the television. They can never just tip their hat to an opponent who has bested them in that encounter, dust themselves off and try again.

It’s always: “3hhh lag, my controllers buttons aren’t working, OMG my teammatez R n00bsz”. Why they feel complaining through their high pitched voice will make any other player give a rat’s arse about their current situation makes my head unhappy. Another statement I loathe is: “OMG u haz n0 lif3, that’z y u kill3d me” completely unaware that they’ve been playing for ten hours straight. Oh, sorry darling, I forgot that ten hours is an acceptable play length, but anything over that means you have no life.

Also, like a gentleman with broken knees, I cannot stand people who leave their mic on constantly throughout the match like they’re providing a running commentary in case we all got confused and start baking pies instead of shooting the hell out of each other. The developers have provided an on-off button; we don’t have to listen to every cough, every snivel and every other noise that leaks out your body like a cracked boiler.

Lastly, receiving messages from gamers in a match you’re participating in, which, are normally nothing more than a lame insult, or making doubly sure that you understand that the only reason you killed them is lag or and other reason I’ve said above. What honestly makes me depressed is the fact that all this technology is being used to be a complete douche towards your fellow man (or women).

What it boils down to is the fact that most gamers aren’t mature enough to use this equipment they buy, but unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about that. Unless I rise to power and instigate an incredibly unforgiving law in which all participants who wish to enjoy an online experience must pass some form of test like balancing a plate on their head or something….

I know I have spent the last three paragraphs bashing gamers like baby seals, but you are to blame. However, I do place more blame on the developers who would rather spend their time and money creating something that will never be as popular as the COD franchise. I almost feel sorry for them… they see the overwhelming successes of titles like MW3, Battlefield, Halo etc. and only want that for their titles. This is why you can’t blink without seeing some FPS shooter boasting about creating the next step in online gaming.

Using words like ‘innovative’ and ‘future’ which is great because I didn’t know the future was in the here and now; I thought this was the present, silly old me. As soon as developers start and push their multiplayer feature, there has to be some give somewhere else and – unfortunately – that usually affects the campaign. Take the hugely successful MW3 which I mentioned above. The plot seems to be written by a paranoid gun crazy bloke with the stars and stripes in one hand and a massive moustache in the other. MW3 cleverly explains the complexities and political complications of war by just blaming a guy with an ethnic sounding name.

This is why I think with Black Ops 2, Treyarch and created an amazingly bizarre scene where you take control of Raul Menendez (the bad guy) in an attempt to try and attach some identity and despondency towards him: I supposed it would have worked if the scene wasn’t him blaring at the top of his lungs wielding a massive machete and cutting everyone in sight without any consequence.

However, the reason COD sells like delicious crack isn’t the terrible underwhelming plot, but the incredibly addictive multiplayer; and I understand that. But,don’t argue with me and say no-one buys COD for the story and not expect me to have a hissy fit over the forty pound price. If COD is merely an online multiplayer, I’d expect a price that reflects that.

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Recently there’s been a lot of debate about how the sexual content and violence in Grand Theft Auto and other video games in general has an impact upon players. Due to the nature of the sexual content in the games, Grand Theft Auto games were been banned in Australia and are still banned in Saudi Arabia. The bans in Australia were lifted once Rockstar removed the sexually explicit material, however, there’s still a big chance that GTA V could be banned in other countries; not just Saudi Arabia and Australia.

The media is full of people (mostly those who have barely played the game) complaining that GTA V is too inhumane. Many said the Sandy Hooks massacre was due to violent video games – such as Grand Theft Auto. Others disagree with this, as they feel that there is no firm evidence that suggests that those who play video games are more violent than those who don’t.

Though I’ve never really been a big fan of the ‘prostitution’ system in Grand Theft Auto games, I’m not against it and it isn’t something I hate, I just don’t see how it is enjoyable but regardless of my opinion there are lots of people out there who enjoy it and take full advantage of the built in features, the main question is, will the on-going debates, lead Rockstar to decrease the amount of sexual content and violence within GTA V?

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With it being widely anticipated that Sony will be unveiling the PlayStation 4 at their massively hyped press event next Wednesday, it’s also reasonable to expect that they will be giving us our first glimpses at the next generation of gaming, by way of some launch titles that will release when the console does near the end of 2013 (or in Europe, Spring 2014 if rumour is to be believed).

While plenty of launch titles prove to be tech demos and little else – and, of course, it’s impossible to even begin to predict what new IPs might show up on the slate – we can at least speculate on which popular franchises from the PS3′s era might rear their heads next week, as well as a few current-gen titles that will inevitably slink their way in to pad out the line-up.

Well, it can’t be any worse than the Wii-U’s dreadfully underwhelming library of launch games, can it? Here are 10 launch titles you should expect from the PlayStation 4.

10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4

Activison commented this past week on what the next-gen leap this year means for their esteemed and immensely popular Call of Duty franchise, resolving that the launch of new consoles would likely put something of a dent in their sales, though of course, it’s still reasonable to expect they’re going to make considerable bank nonetheless.

What’s more interesting is the possibility – nay, the damn-near certainty – that Modern Warfare 4 will be a launch title for the PS4; after all, what better way to launch your console and lure in millions of casual gamers than by including the world’s most popular gaming franchise?

There’s one key issue that potentially holds it back, though, and that’s the technicals; the CoD games have never had amazing graphics – especially in the wake of Battlefield 3 – and so to make it a launch title to show off the PS4′s graphical capabilities might prove a tad underwhelming.

It’s unreasonable to expect Activision to work on a current-gen version while also trying to make a far more visually stunning next-gen version, so the result could either be a) the complete CoD game with sub-standard graphics or b) a CoD game with some features gutted to give the PS4 dev-team more time to hone the visuals.

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In one form or another, Aliens: Colonial Marines has been in development for over a decade; initially starting out life as a PS2 FPS that was eventually cancelled, it’s been a long journey to arrive at Gearbox Software’s final product.

One of the year’s most hyped shooters, Colonial Marines aims to differentiate itself from the glut of uninspired movie spin-offs by boasting a seal of approval from 20th Century Fox, and therefore apparently having a legitimate tie-in to the series.

However, Colonial Marines is one of the most disappointing games in recent times; as a huge fan of the Alien universe, it’s dispiriting to see it treated in such a lazy, bare bones manner, for though the game manages to capture some of the atmosphere of the movies – specifically the admittedly fitting sound design – it’s severely malnourished in almost every other area.

Essentially, execution is the problem; this is a great idea for a game, albeit one that needs a more delicate touch than its frantic action setting might suggest.

Here are 10 reasons why Aliens: Colonial Marines sucks…

10. Dated Graphics

To be fair, Colonial Marines is by no stretch of the imagination a bad looking game, but given its long gestation period (sorry, couldn’t resist), it’s clear that little has been done to keep the graphics up to date in the last few years.

Locations, though ably scouted from the movie sets themselves, are blandly textured and lacking detail, while character animations lag severely behind what even other FPS games were offering near the start of the current generation.

PC gamers will benefit from the slightly added kick that added graphical options allow, yet one need only observe videos of the console version to see how even on its own standing it looks sub-par.

In 2012, with the next generation of gaming fast approaching, games should be pushing the existing hardware to the limit, but sadly this seems to be a lazy case of settling for whatever graphical outfitting they decided on a few years ago.

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