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TLC‘s former manager is LIVID over the new VH1 biopic about the 90s girl group — telling TMZ, she was wrongly portrayed as a shyster in the movie … and now she wants the network to make some serious retractions.

Perri “Pebbles” Reid tells us it has taken her more than a week to respond to the movie — which aired last Monday — because she was so shell-shocked by the damning lies in the film. She says, “This unprovoked attack has been extremely upsetting to me and my family.”

But the real issue — she tells us, “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” contains “many false and defamatory statements and scenes about me.”

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it’s not exactly kind toward Pebbles … portraying her as a shifty parasite who knowingly swindled millions from the group.

But the real Pebbles insists she has never cheated anyone — let alone the band she “discovered, managed, and mentored” — and plans to vigorously defend her honor. She says her attorney is already in the process of demanding retractions from VH1.

Calls to VH1 weren’t returned.



Justin Bieber‘s dad is living in a pretty badass Canadian home … along with his two kids … but TMZ has learned, JB is the one who sprung for the place.

Sources connected to the Bieber family tell us … Justin wants to make sure his half-brother and half-sister are living in a really nice home, so he shelled out a cool $850k in cash for a 5-bedroom cabin-style pad in Ontario, where they live with their dad.

We’re told … this isn’t a case of the family sponging off of Justin — it’s Justin who made the offer to the family.

The house is located way out in the Canadian wilderness in a small town of roughly 8,000 people.

But it’s not like the family is trying to get off the grid — the family name is plastered right on the mailbox.


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    The 69-year-old man who planned to give a massive explosive to Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has now offered up a bizarre explanation for his bizarre actions — he built it as a gift … because Keith loves explosives.

    Joseph Callahan‘s lawyer tells us, “A friend of Mr. Callahan nine years ago met Keith Richards and he (Callahan) knew Keith Richards liked pyrotechnics, so he built this device in the event he met Keith Richards.”


    As we reported, Callahan was arrested a couple weeks ago after police entered his Connecticut mansion and discovered a terrifying arsenal of guns and explosives, including roughly 100 pounds of ammonium nitrate (the same chemical used in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing).

    Callahan told police he was building an explosive to give to Richards, but didn’t really explain why at the time. He was, however, adamant about not wanting to harm Keith.

    Callahan was arraigned today on 112 counts of illegal possession of explosives, reckless endangerment, and manufacture of bombs … but the case was continued to next month. He’s expected to enter a not guilty plea.




    11:12 AM PT — TMZ spoke to a manager of the club who insists the bouncers checked IDs at the door … and both girls presented IDs showing them to be 21+.

    He tells us … they do NOT know the Jenner girls and did not recognize them as being part of the Kardashian clan.

    He also says … club management is very aware that underage celebrities try to drink illegally …  so they’re very particular about checking IDs … especially when photographers are outside shooting everyone who goes in.

    We’ve contacted the Jenners’ rep …  and haven’t heard back.


    16-year-old Kylie Jenner and 17-year-old Kendall Jenner went out on the town last night … partying at Vignette lounge in West Hollywood — a 21-and-over club, and it appears the club and the girls broke the law.

    The club features Wax Rabbit every Tuesday night, featuring what the club calls “a new, voyeuristic, hip hop and nudity nightclub experience.” 

    So the burning question — how did Kylie and Kendall legally get in the club.  We did some digging, and found the ONLY exception to the 21 and over law is if the underage person is employed as a musician, but the musician must be 18 minimum.   Neither girl is 18. 

    An official for the Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control tells TMZ … both the girls and the club appear to have broken the law and could have been cited had they been caught in the act.  The official tells TMZ his Dept. may launch an investigation.

    And it gets worse … Even if the girls were 18 and there as musicians, they wouldn’t be allowed in if there was any nudity, and the club often features topless dancers on Wax Rabbit night.


    BTW … on their way out, the girls were shielded by blankets.


    At the end of the night, Kylie and Kendall looked … tired.


    Kylie Jenner


    Sans Makeup!


    Kylie Jenner looks … different without all that face paint.

    From Fox 411: “It’s kind of nice to see Kylie looking like a regular teen. The reality star sported a bare face and a T-shirt that reads ‘Twerk’ for a trip to the office with mom Kris Jenner.”

    Click through to Fox 411 to see! 

    TMZ TV


    Justin Bieber danced all over the Great Wall of China just for a music video — so, naturally, the People’s Republic of China thinks this is absolutely … awesome!

    Yeah, we were shocked too. Must be because he kept his shirt on, for once.



    It’s a battle of the football baby-daddies!

    Here’s 28-year-old Adrian Peterson who’s reportedly fathered five (or possibly 7) children to date (left) — and 29-year-old Antonio Cromartie  who famously struggled to remember the names of his seven children on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” show (right).

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    Zac Hanson — the drummer from Hanson — was the victim in a disgusting spit attack on his tour bus in Seattle last night … and the gross moment was all caught on video.

    Here’s what we know — the spitter somehow got onto Hanson’s tour bus … and as Zac was trying to boot him from the bus, the guy unleashed a big nasty loogie that hits Zac right in the head.

    You can see the spit dripping off Zac’s hair … it’s really disgusting … but Zac simply brushed off the incident, and smiled as if it was no big deal.

    As for the douche bag … he simply turns and walks away while cursing out some of the people surrounding the bus.

    After the incident, Zac tweeted … “Gonna be a good show tonight, I cleaned off all the spit and I am feeling ready to go! -Z”




    Detroit Lions star Nate Burleson tells TMZ … the 911 caller was mistaken — he wasn’t woozy, or off-balanced or DRUNK in the moments following his car crash last week … but he did fumble his pizza. 

    Nate says he was in shock in the moments following the wreck, in which he suffered a broken arm and cuts on his face after a night at Happy’s Pizza and Pub in Detroit — but the 32-year-old explains, “I was completely coherent. I was trying to grasp what was going on at the moment.”

    As we previously reported, one of the people who called 911 following the crash last Monday night told the operator Nate “was losing his balance” and “appeared to be intoxicated.”

    But Nate tells TMZ, “My arm was broken so that may cause you to stumble, but it was not alcohol-related at all.”


    In fact, Nate says the cops complimented him on how composed he was following the crash — considering his injuries. 

    As for the pizza, Nate admits he tried to save the pie as it slid around on the front seat of his GMC Yukon … but the food slipped through his fingers … and that’s when he lost control of the ride and crashed. 

    We obtained photos of the pizza carnage following the wreck … showing the deep dish pepperoni (with mushrooms) all over Nate’s whip. 

    “I get the jokes, ’cause reaching for a pizza isn’t the way you wanna crash your car,” Nate says …  “But I’m lucky to have walked away.”


    Even with six newbies taking over the Saturday Night Live studio, it was the familiar face who ultimately stole the show.

    Tina Fey’s return to her NBC stomping grounds to kick off the sketch comedy’s 39th season brought the laughs, some Miley Cyrus-worthy moves and at least a hoagie’s worth of street credit at the comedian’s favorite sandwich chain.

    “How am I going to demand the best table at Subway if I don’t have a TV show?” Fey deadpanned of her small-screen encore during her opening monologue (watch below), which also parodied her Emmys night wardrobe malfunction and the cast additions’ knee-slappin’ booty-shaking.

    The LOLs continued for Fey, who was a regular-turned-head writer on SNL for nine years:

    She got Girl-y

    Picking up where she left off at this year’s Golden Globes, Fey once again dug her nails into HBO’s Lena Dunham original, Girls. But this time around, Fey’s heading to Brooklyn, too, to join the core four as Blerta, the girl from Albania with a rubber hand and OCD (Old Cow Disease).

    New cast member or Arcade Fire?

    How to stump Miss Bossypants: Ask her to differentiate SNL‘s fresh faces from the Canadian indie rock band.

    The update on Weekend Update

    Officially passing the baton to Cecily Strong on the weekly segment she once co-anchored, Fey had a few wisecracks – ahem, we mean words of wisdom – for the new regular: “Keep your feet on the ground, keep reaching for the stars, believe in your nightmares.”

    As everyone looks forward to (and simultaneously dreads) Sunday’s Breaking Bad finale, cast members are cleverly revealing what they can about the conclusion of the hit series. And it isn’t much.

    “I love the way it ended. The ending was an inevitable outcome,” RJ Mitte, who plays Walt Jr. (a.k.a., Flynn), on the AMC show, during an interview with Take Part Live. “The way the family winds up, it’s a real-life ending. It’s not make believe.”

    He goes on to add, “It could be a happy ending … there’s so much. You have no idea.”

    Before the Emmy-winning drama comes to its conclusion on Sunday (AMC, 9 p.m. ET), tell us what you think will happen to your favorite characters in the comments below.

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