Jack Swagger Mug Shot

The Sun Herald has released Jack Swagger’s mug shot to the general public in their latest report on the shamed WWE Superstar’s arrest Tuesday night for DUI and possession of a controlled substance.

Swagger, whose real name is Donald Jacob Hager, was in the midst of a huge de-push last year before disappearing from TV completely before Christmas. Following negotiations in which Vince McMahon supposedly convinced him to remain with the company, Swagger made a huge return after the Royal Rumble and was instantly added to the World Heavyweight Title picture. Shortly after making his comeback Swagger was paired with wrestling veteran ‘Dirty’ Dutch Mantel and the two quickly generated a ton of heat with their “We the people” gimmick which was widely criticised as borderline racist by the mainstream media.

In what was perhaps a huge shock for many fans Swagger ended up winning the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match pinning Randy Orton in the closing moments and guaranteeing himself a spot on the Wrestlemania 29 card against Mexican champion Alberto Del Rio. Things could not have been working out better for the 29 year old former World Champion which is perhaps why it came as such a shock when news broke of his arrest late last night via TMZ.

Whether Swagger will still challenge Del Rio at Wrestlemania which is less than seven weeks away is still unclear as very little has come from WWE headquarters regarding the incident. WWE’s Wellness Policy indicates that the company have the right to dismiss him should they see fit, but does not stipulate that it is the only option. The Policy has been met with much criticism as critics suggest WWE would brush top talents misdemeanour’s under the carpet if it were good for business. Changes to the Wellness Policy and several suspensions of top talent have changed some peoples minds however and was listed as one of the main reasons Bruno Sammartino was willing to return to the company for this year’s Hall of Fame. One suggestion is that WWE will hot shot the match in the coming week’s and begin to programme someone else against Del Rio for the PPV but this remains entirely speculative.

Swagger will appear in court on March 12th.

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