John Stamos turns 50

Happy birthday to the always talented and forever hunky John Stamos.

Yup – the Full House actor turns the big 5-0 today. Here are 5 good reasons why you should be celebrating (and salivating over) this absolutely lovely human being.

1. He’s good to his mama. That’s right – John spent the day leading up to his birthday by chilling with his beloved mother. He also made a funny. Stamos tweeted Sunday:

last few hours being 49 w/ the woman that birthed me. she said conception (in vegas) was so much fun- i said TMI

– John Stamos (@JohnStamos) August 19, 2013

Cue the collective aww.

2. He looooves a good throwback. John is perhaps best known for his work on Full House and General Hospital in the ’80s and ’90s, so it’s hard not to wax nostalgia about his famous style of yesteryear. But nobody wants to partake in the sentimental fun more than he does. He recently performed with his fictional Full House band, Jesse and the Rippers, on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. He also frequently reunites with the family formerly known as Tanner, and posts vintage (and often slightly embarrassing) pics. See a few gems below:

3. He’s actually a really good guy. Stamos recently took the time out to visit quadruple meningitis amputee Kaitlyn Dobrow in the hospital and told her he would take her to Disneyland. See the good deed for yourself:

4. The boy can sing. John can truly belt a tune with the best of ’em – he’s appeared on Glee and has headlined several Broadway shows in the past. If you want your heart to melt like a hot stick of butta, watch this now:

5. That hair, though. Like a fine wine, he… well, you get the picture. Looking good, Stamos: