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Whether we like it or not, the sequel to Man of Steel has been rushed into production with added Batman. For this writer, the first 40-odd minutes of Man of Steel- at least up to the point that our boy learns to fly- were on a level with Richard’s Donner definitive original. But after so much promise, this intriguing reinvention turned into a generic, humourless, boring mess. Still, Henry Cavill was perfectly decent and the recent casting of Ben Affleck as the new Batman was a masterstroke- an opinion not shared by most of the internet.

Of course I’ll give whatever-the-hell-this-Batman/Superman-film-is-called the benefit of the doubt, because let’s face it, what fanboy isn’t excited to finally see The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel on screen together for the first time, Snyder or no Snyder? But this is obviously the first step towards a Justice League movie. The rumours are flying that Affleck may direct that once it comes to fruition, but I don’t think this will be the case. The obvious choice would be Zack Snyder, and I hope this isn’t the case. Man of Steel was certainly his best film, but that isn’t saying much.

DC’s answer to The Avengers will inevitably be huge and make quite a profit whoever directs it. But one of the reasons that Marvel’s huge gamble paid off, apart from the fanboy hype and 3D ticket prices, was the critical acclaim and word-of-mouth that encourages repeat viewings. This was down to a visionary like Joss Whedon and his witty script that clearly understood the potential of this unlikely team and took the whole concept seriously.

If Warner Brothers want their Justice League movie to actually be good as well as successful, they should take a risk- because let’s face it, they can afford to with as sure-fire a hit as Justice League- and hire someone different, someone left-field. And ladies and gentlemen, I propose Tom Hooper, director of Les Miserables and The King’s Speech, is that man. He’s not the kind of director you’d expect to take on a comic-book property, especially one of this scale- but then, everyone said the same when it came to Kenneth Branagh, Bryan Singer, Christopher Nolan, Shane Black and Joss Whedon, and look how their films turned out!

Unfortunately, this seems one-hundred percent unlikely to happen, but one can dream. It seems inevitable it will be Snyder or Affleck directing off of a David Goyer script, but there’s always a chance! So, read on for my explanation as to why Hooper is the perfect choice to helm what will likely be one of the biggest superhero team-ups of all time…

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