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KIM KARDASHIAN hid her baby bump this week with a fluffy feather skirt that she wore to the launch party of Topshop/Topman in West Hollywood.

Leave it to Kim to wear unconventional maternity clothes!

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Kim Kardashian continues her streak of donning trendy baby bump-friendly outfits as she walked the red carpet on Wednesday.

The pregnant reality star, who just came from a Brazil trip with her boyfriend and baby daddy Kanye West, sported a lacy and semi-sheer top, which she layered with a skirt with tons of feathers to cover her growing belly. She finished the look with her favorite leather leggings and simple black pumps.

See her outfit HERE.

Do you like Kim‘s latest pregnant mom look?

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KIM KARDASHIAN recently tweeted a sweet pic of her and her “baby,” KANYE WEST.

See for yourself:


When Kanye first confessed his love for Kim in his song “Cold” (which was then named “Theraflu”) and they started dating, a lot of people accused them of starting a romance as some kind of publicity stunt. But seven months later, the sexy power couple-dubbed by the media as “Kimye”-is obviously still going strong.

Kim and Kanye showed off their love at the MTV European Music Awards in Germany earlier this week. After the buxom reality star ascended the stage to present the award for “Best Song” to Carly Rae Jepsen, Kim and her rapper boyfriend spent the rest of the night getting cozy with each other-as you can obviously tell from the photo above, which she tweeted with the caption:

“My baby”


But of course, it wouldn’t be a successful event if Kim didn’t get to rub elbows with other famous celebs, so she also spent a portion of the night hanging out with some of the singers at the event… including Rita Ora and Taylor Swift


…and of course, Korean pop sensation Psy!


Photos Via Kim Kardashian‘s Twitter

The KARDASHIAN sisters could be sued for allegedly stealing the name for their new makeup line, Khroma Beauty.


Kim Kourtney Khloe Kardashian Khroma Beauty Photos 005 780x555

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian will soon be launching their newest line of makeup called “Khroma Beauty” and it’s expected to be a hit. Unfortunately, they may have to change its brand name as it’s not original.

The co-owner for the luxurious beauty line called “Chroma Makeup” from Beverly Hills, Michael Rey, has gone forward and claimed the reality star sisters hijacked the name for their “cheap” cosmetics line.

Their problem? An expected confusion among the marketplace. TMZ explained:

Michael fears his high-end customers will run for other parts of the Hills … thinking their primo cosmetics are not so primo after all ….and they’ll be embarrassed to say they wear Chroma.”

Fearing the worst, Michael has reportedly hired a legal team and is expected to contact the Kardashians anytime soon, who will hopefully change their name. If they don’t, Michael says he’s prepared to take legal action against them.

For now, “Chroma Makeup” has made it clear that they are in no way affiliated with the “low-budget cosmetic products” the Kardashians are selling.

Photos Via Kim Kardashian‘s Celebuzz

Star news reveals KIM KARDASHIAN finally did a conservative photo shoot, for the upcoming issue of Tatler UK.

See for yourself:

kim kardashian tatler uk photo shoot magazine1

Kim Kardashian did another glamorous photo shoot with a famous magazine-but this time, you won’t be seeing her famous butt or too much of her jaw-dropping cleavage.

For the upcoming issue of British Tatler, the sexy reality star covered up in vintage outfits including gorgeous white wedding-worthy gowns.

kim kardashian tatler uk photo shoot magazine2

Speaking of nuptials, the two-time divorc e talked a bit about her past relationships-with Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries. She admitted:

“When I look back at interviews I gave [about previous boyfriends] saying, ‘We’re talking about marriage, etc.’ It’s embarrassing. And I really believed it at the time!”

Thank goodness she’s in a “better” place now that she’s seeing Kanye West. She said of her rapper beau:

“I can’t even think about being with anyone else than the man I’m with.”

kim kardashian tatler uk photo shoot magazine3

She added:

“He’s been there through so many different stages of my life and before I was famous, so this relationship is a different thing entirely.”

We sure hope so, Kim!

Photos Via Tatler UK

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