“The Big Bang Theory” star MAYIM BIALIK almost lost her finger after getting into a bloody car accident yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles, star news reports.


mayim bialik

Mayim Balik can call herself lucky as she will get to keep her hand and fingers when she gets back on the set of “The Big Bang Theory” with her co-stars.

The 36-year-old actress, who endured a terrible car crash on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and La Brea when the white Volvo that she was in was struck by a vehicle filled with Chilean tourists, was not only hospitalized but she also almost lost her finger from her left hand, which was “almost completely severed” and “was just hanging there.”

Also according to TMZ, a source revealed that there was “tons and tons of blood everywhere” before emergency responders rushed to the scene and rushed Mayim to a nearby hospital.

Although Mayim‘s fingers are not entirely functional yet, she assured her fans that she is healing. In a tweet that she had her husband type in, the actress promised:

“In pain but will keep all my fingers.”

Photo Via Video Screen Grab