Melissa Joan Hart: I Want Another Baby

Matt Peyton/Invision for Carousel Designs/AP

Melissa Joan Hart says that maintaining her post-baby weight loss is “a struggle” – but not necessarily one she wants to get involved in.

The mother of three boys admits that following the birth of her youngest son Tucker in September, she felt the need to drop the dress sizes.

“Immediately after having babies everyone is talking about how quickly they can lose the weight. Really, who cares?” she told PEOPLE at last Wednesday’s Operation Shower event, sponsored by Carousel Designs and held in New Jersey.

Hart, who hosted the event which gifts military moms-to-be with baby shower essentials, feels the pressure growing as her son gets older, adding that “as he reaches a year I have less and less excuses to not maintain myself.”

Instead of stressing out in the quest to stay svelte, the actress, 37, who achieved her goal with the help of NutriSystem, urges new moms to “celebrate and enjoy that time in your life, but try to be healthy for the children.”

That goes for other celebrity moms too. When Kate Middleton stepped out to debut baby George with her mommy tummy in full view, Hart’s immediate reaction was one of gratitude.

“Thank God! That’s what it’s supposed to be! You still look pregnant for about six weeks, maybe longer. My boys were asking me if I was having another baby a few months after!” she shares.

The level-headed mom will also soon be able to share her motherly wisdom with good friend Soleil Moon Frye, who recently announced she is expecting her third child.

Hart says Frye, who costarred with her on the hit series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, had tried to share her exciting news in person. “I was on vacation and she was trying to get me to fly back home so she could tell me. I figured it would happen soon. She’s a baby-lover, like me,” she explains.

The star of ABC Family’s Melissa & Joey wouldn’t rule out having another baby, but not for the reason most people would presume.

“I would like a fourth – but it’s not because I want a girl,” she says of the public’s desire to see her have a daughter.

Although her sons – Mason, 7 , and Brady, 5 – wouldn’t mind a little sister. “Mason, my eldest, is like, ‘We have to have a girl, we need things to soften up around here.'”

Hart, however, has her own methods for making sure her little boys are in touch with their feminine side. “I’ve been making them watch My Little Pony, so it’s all good,” she jokes.

– Susannah Guthrie