As you know, it’s time for a new generation of games to make their entrance, and here we review the most promising trailers of 2013. For a long time now, both cinematic and gameplay trailers have whetted our appetite, by providing tantalizing insights into graphics, story, music, vocals and gameplay.

In this article you may see that some big names are missing such as Grand Theft Auto, Gran Turismo 6, Dead Rising 3, Halo 5, Castlevania, Battlefield 4 and some others. This is because my article focuses on trailers and all games listed here are based on how innovative, memorable and captivating their respective trailers were.

Make no mistake, my article is strictly based off the cinematic trailers of the year, I have just thrown in some worthy gameplay videos on games I think my readers deserve to see.

Certainly, there are games I would have liked to added to the article but I limited myself to the top 10. Naturally not every game trailer could be added, however I believe the ones I have chosen deserve to be in this article for shining above the rest.

Bearing in mind this article is about trailers and not most anticipated games of the year, let me introduce to the first entry on the list:

10. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

Assasins Creed IV

Some may be surprised by this inclusion, and I concede that the trailer for Black Flag lacks the impact now that it initially did. It loses some of that impact with every viewing, and lacks the kind of grip that the trailers of its Assassin’s Creed predecessors managed, but it still undoubtedly deserves inclusion.

Because, frankly, it’s incredibly stunning…

The trailer starts off incredibly strong with a very memorable bar scene, heavy music and stunning graphics, then becomes weaker as it goes along not being able to make use of it’s music and atmosphere with the exception of the small fight scene towards the end when Edward fights the captain of the opposing boat.

It was a nice touch seeing Edward Kenway losing initially, only to make a better come back and crush the skull of his opponent, however it was still not enough to revive it from the damage that had been done – failing to utilize the music and atmosphere that were created in the very first scene lead to this trailers downfall.

This just goes to show that a trailers strength can quickly turn into it’s weakness and downfall.

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