I haven’t met one person who doesn’t like ABC’s hit show Modern Family. It has won 18 Primetime Emmy Awards in total and has only been on the air for four seasons. That is pretty impressive. The reason this show is so successful, I think, is because it is extremely well written and the character developments mirror real life. We have watched the Dunphey children grow up before our eyes and it reminds us of when we were young and how we felt about our parents, however coddling or distant they might have been.

I think we all secretly wish our parents were more like Phil and Claire Dunphy. Controlling, but not too overbearing. Funny, but not too embarrassing. Motivational, but not forceful. As great of a character as Claire is, I’d like to focus, if I could, on Phil. There is no denying that Phil is a family man. He’s a fabulous husband, the sole breadwinner (until recently), and loves his children to the fullest extent. The Dunphy children are lucky as all hell to have as involved a father as they do, though they often misinterpret his awesomeness as lame and an attempt to appear relatable as the “cool parent”.

Is it true? Yes, at times. Phil often tries to seem like the more appealing parent, but not because he is intimidated by the natural bond between mother and child, but because of his relationship with his own father. Watching Phil and his father is like watching everything about a perfect upbringing in one minute. Phil is an excellent father because his father was excellent. Yes, he may be a little much at times, but he really steps it up when it comes to helping and supporting his children.

I’ve compiled a list of ten examples that support my opinion that Phil Dunphy is the best father on television. For you Modern Family fans out there, you will agree, I have no doubt. For those of you who have never seen an episode of the beloved show, I’m sure this list will strike a chord and perhaps you’ll give it a try.

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