MILEY CYRUS gave a very raunchy performance of her hit song “We Can’t Stop” at the 2013 MTV VMAs on Sunday.


Miley Cyrus has been displaying some rather wild behavior recently, but apparently that was just the tip of the iceberg. The 20-year-old superstar promised fans an eyebrow-raising performance at the MTV Video Music Awards with a raunchy promo video that was released earlier this month, and she certainly did not disappoint.

Dressed in a racy one-piece bodysuit with a teddy bear’s face printed on the front, Miley performed her controversial song “We Can’t Stop” on stage at the MTV VMAs with some giant bears (in reference to the dancing bears featured in the song’s equally controversial music video) and some bootylicious dancers.


As if the sexy costume wasn’t enough, Miley made her performance even racier by constantly sticking her tongue out in a suggestive manner and doing lots of raunchy dance moves, which of course included her favorite move… twerking.


What did you think of Miley‘s raunchy performance?

Photos Via Video Screen Grab