Since the moment the rumor swarmed the web, the world has waited with baited breath for Justin Timberlake to reunite at the MTV Video Music Awards with the band where he began: *NSYNC.

The buzz proved true when the other four members of the beloved ’90s boy band – JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick – joined JT on the Barclays Center stage Sunday night.

But the whole, much-hyped reunion was little more than a blip – we clocked it at about a minute and a half – in Timberlake’s seemingly 15 minute set, easily the longest of the entire awards show, which featured a expertly-mixed mash-up of some of his best solo hits, from “Cry Me A River,” to “Senorita,” to “Mirrors.”

*NSYNC rose from beneath the stage as the group dove into their 2002 single, “Girlfriend,” before breaking out some classic choreography for a bit of “Bye Bye Bye.” And before you could blink, it was over. They shook hands, Timberlake said, “*NSYNC,” and the rest of them sank back from whence they came.

It was all very Destiny’s Child’s showing up in Beyonc ‘s shadow at the Super Bowl.

Watch the underwhelming *NSYNC performance in the video above.