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Start your work week off right with Monday’s must-read links:

  • Kristen Bell: Motherhood is almost “too much joy” – E! News
  • 6 essentials you shouldn’t leave behind when going to the beach – giggle GAB
  • Kristin Cavallari: Jay Cutler and I are ready for another baby – E! News
  • 12 Victorian baby girl names that are on the rise – HuffPost Parents
  • Tracy Anderson: I’m looking forward to getting Kim Kardashian back in shape – EXTRA

Friday has finally arrived! Celebrate with these quick clicks:

  • PHOTO: Alyson Hannigan and her girls support Star Wars fan Alexis Denisof –
  • 7 cute and creative ways to announce your adoption – POPSUGAR Moms
  • Toddler uses her dad’s smartphone to buy a car – TODAY Moms
  • Women aren’t the only ones who suffer from postpartum depression – Modern Mom
  • A Kenyan dog becomes the caregiver of two children abandoned by their mother – HuffPost Good News

Happy hump day! Wednesday’s links are just waiting for you to give them a click:

  • Six-year-old transgender girl wins the right to use the ladies room at her elementary school – ABC News
  • How to keep your kids safe around the pool this summer – Breezy Mama
  • New study: breastfed babies have a higher social status later in life – TIME
  • 10 tips on improving your labor day experience – FitPregnancy
  • Sesame Street tackles new tough topic of having a parent incarcerated – POPSUGAR Moms

Cure your case of the Mondays by catching up with these quick clicks:

  • Courteney Cox celebrates her birthday with daughter Coco –
  • Sibling bullying may lead to anxiety and depression, according to a new study – US News Health
  • The top cars in 2013 that are the perfect fit for a family –
  • The Trump SoHo Hotel’s new kids program allows mini moguls to live in luxury – POPSUGAR Moms
  • Texas mom confronts carjacker before running him over – ABC News

It’s Monday! Start the week off with these clickable links:

  • Utah dad wears short shorts to shame his teen daughter –
  • How to introduce your newborn to the family pets – Just the Facts, Baby
  • A breakdown of all six Jolie-Pitt kids’ individual styles – POPSUGAR Moms
  • Should parents step in during sibling squabbles? – Breezy Mama
  • VIDEO: Dad puts together Tooth Fairy delivery system for son – HuffPost Parents

Happy Labor Day! Take a break from barbecuing with these links:

  • Brooke Burke-Charvet‘s back to school tips and tricks – Kids in the House
  • 7 unusual ways to boost your chances of getting pregnant – Baby Zone
  • Women take to Craigslist to sell positive pregnancy tests – HuffPost Business
  • 35 ways to keep your holiday cook-out kid-friendly – POPSUGAR Moms
  • Vermont airport installs breastfeeding and pumping station – TODAY

It’s Tuesday! Take some time out for these clickable links:

  • Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk: Harper won’t sleep a wink – TODAY
  • Researchers say babies can learn language skills in the womb – Los Angeles Times
  • VIDEO: Jennifer Nettles on how she balances touring with a baby – Access Hollywood
  • NASA scientist gives birth to baby boy using a 19-year-old frozen embryo – Babble
  • AAP says most prescription medications safe while breastfeeding – The Wall Street Journal

TGIF! Let these five clicks be the welcome wagon to your weekend:

  • Tina Fey: My daughter might be a sociopath – Late Show with David Letterman
  • 10 last-minute must-haves for your child’s summer bucket list – POPSUGAR Moms
  • Airlines continue to offer kid-free zones on flights – ABC News
  • New Hampshire mom fired for leaving work to breastfeed – The Bump
  • Roselyn S nchez says having a child is “so intense” – Entertainment Tonight

Wednesday’s riveting reads are only a click away:

  • Tori Spelling: How to survive your baby’s first flight – POPSUGAR Moms
  • How to stop siblings from bullying each other – Breezy Mama
  • Four years after her parents were detained, a girl helps halt their deportation – HuffPost Latino Voices
  • A Czech Republic car maker reveals a dad’s dream baby stroller – TODAY Moms
  • Nick Cannon: I want the twins to go to public school, Mariah prefers private – Daily Shot

Hooray for Friday! The countdown to your weekend begins right after these reads:

  • Kris Jenner: There’s “no plan” to release North‘s baby photos – Access Hollywood
  • 7 reasons why it’s perfect to be pregnant in the summer – FitPregnancy
  • Channing Tatum: Everly changes so much while I’m away at work – TODAY
  • Are we there yet? How to survive a road trip with kids – Modern Mom
  • New regulations released on stocking school vending machines with healthier snacks – New York Times

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