It was a long time before I told my friends that I used Tumblr. You see, on Facebook, there’s a line with what you post, how much you post, before your friends, family and work colleagues think there’s something wrong with you. Tumblr on the other hand has no line. And to be part of them… people talk.

Love it or loathe it, Tumblr is a big thing. It’s not there to report the as-it-happens news events of the world, like Twitter, and it’s not there to share the huge moments of your life, like Facebook. It exists for cat gifs, instagrammed photos of the Vaccines, and haunting slash fiction starring Sherlock and Watson. And that’s the way us Tumblrians like it.

None of us have much important to say. The site exists, as a medium, for you to shove your obsessions onto, hoping complete strangers will “pass it on”. It’s the biggest time-waster on the net; all the pictures are wonderfully coloured, TV shows and bands are worshipped like deities and everyone even has a dialect in which they speak (utter stream of lower-case consciousness). How can you not keep scrolling? It’s like wading through thick and marvellous black coffee.

Tumblr is a deep, dark hole that you can fall down, and some blogs you can surf for hours. Because whilst most of its users are teenagers who reblog pictures of the fandoms they follow, some people use it for extreme creativity. They treat it as a sport: they’re true artists, and comedians in a lot of cases, and they’ve kept us Tumblrrs entertained all year with their surreal, hilarious and downright beautiful output. (I’m sticking with the hipster spelling, “Tumblrrs”, call me ironic if it makes you happy.)

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the twenty Tumblr blogs you should’ve been following in 2013. What are your favourites? Comment below!

20. Reversed Wrestling Gifs


Find it here.

Kicking off the countdown is a late entry to the list, but one that’s taking dashboards by storm across the world.

Reversed Wrestling Gifs may sound like one of the less wacky Tumblrs out there, but it’s bizarrely mesmerising watching big men float backwards. It’s like a weird ballet; the wrestlers look like they have superpowers, which in itself, is a concept that needs taking to the Dragons.

They’ve only been around a week or so; can you imagine what the blog will look like this time next year? Definitely one to watch.

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