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Vanessa Lachey Jokes: Nick Would Be Willing to Nurse

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Dating Nick Lachey was much more than just finding the perfect partner; For Vanessa, it was about discovering his parenting potential, too.

“That is one of the things I looked for in him when we were dating,” she tells “Not only how he is as a man and a husband, but how he will be as a father.”

Fortunately, Vanessa’s sneaking suspicions that Nick would make quite the doting dad were proven correct when the couple welcomed their first child, son Camden John, in September.

“All of my hopes and dreams have come true and he is awesome,” the new mom says. “I was actually joking earlier that if Nick could nurse Camden he would! If he had boobs, he would do it!”

While he may not be able to manage the midnight feedings, the proud papa has stepped up to the plate in all other areas — particularly his ability to simultaneously perform the sway and shush!

“He literally can cradle Camden and swing him around and do, ‘Shh, shh, shh.’ He does that so perfectly because for the first couple of weeks I couldn’t bend … so Nick took that role and he is awesome at that!” Vanessa, 31, shares.

“My thing is the obvious. I’m the feeder. I’m his meal ticket. As soon as I’m done feeding him, it is Nick’s time.”

Despite being blessed with a sweet-natured son, the strong spousal support — and extra set of helpful hands! — were much-needed during the first few weeks with baby.

Although admittedly forewarned as to sleep schedules and feeding frenzies, Vanessa wasn’t prepared for the time-consuming task of meeting a newborn’s needs. That is, until the full effects of a serious lack of shuteye began to kick in.

“I didn’t understand that they need to eat every two to three hours at first and then three to four a little after that. And that each feed can be up to one hour with the changing and the shushing and the swaddling,” she explains. “Sometimes we literally had 15 minutes between him falling asleep and then having to wake him for the next feed. I’m like, ‘This goes on 24 hours a day and no one told me about this part of it!’”

But even the late-night hours, countless diaper changes and endless swaddling sessions can’t put a damper on the new parents’ profound happiness.

“I am still in shock and we look at him and we are like, ‘We made this!’ I know it sounds corny and cheesy, but it is your love personified,” she says. “I love everything about being a mom — looking at him and seeing him and hoping and praying that he will be a gentleman and a good man and a supportive friend. All my hopes for him are through the roof.”

Clearly smitten with their son, Vanessa and Nick have already penned cute nicknames for their 8-week-old, but with his football fanatic dad already showing him the sports ropes, it seems as if Camden’s full moniker also takes his countless career possibilities into account.

“As he gets older, [we’ll call him] CJ Lachey. That’s going to be his sports name or stage name — or doctor’s name!” jokes Vanessa. “One of my girlfriends calls him, ‘Cam Cam.’ I call him Buddie, actually, and Nick calls him Cambone.”

– Anya Leon

Halle Berry: Nahla Prays Every Night for a Sibling

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What do you give to a woman who has everything? Just ask Halle Berry.

The actress, 46, says having another child would make her daughter’s dreams come true.

“Every night, we do our prayers,” Berry says Thursday on The Wendy Williams Show, of herself and 4 -year-old Nahla Ariela.

“We pray to God, so sweet. She says, ‘God, please bring me a bunk bed and a baby sister.’ And I say, ‘I can do one of those things, I know for sure. The other one, we’ve got to keep praying on.’ What do you say to her when she wants that and can’t understand why God’s taken so long?”

Berry, who doesn’t elaborate on whether or not she plans to have more children, says she’s grateful she had Nahla at a later stage in life.

“I’m a much better mother at 46 — or 41, when I had her — than if I were like 21 or 25,” she explains. “I mean I was just a little baby just trying to figure it out — trying to figure out who I was, let alone having the responsibility of trying to help another little soul develop and grow. I’m so glad I waited.”

Berry acknowledges that the career she signed up for involves being scrutinized by the media, but she doesn’t believe Nahla should be affected by it.

“She’s just a little kid, and I just want her to be a little kid, and have normalcy and be like everybody else,” Berry says. “As her mom, that’s my job — to provide her with that, you know? It’s frustrating when you feel like you can’t.”

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Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo have choreographed for Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera, but now the couple has embarked on a new collaboration: parenting.

“The first week we were so scared,” Tabitha tells PEOPLE of bringing home baby boy London Riley in mid-August. “You have this little person in front of you and you question everything you do.”

The American Idol and America’s Next Best Dance Crew choreographers are learning to trust their instincts as new parents despite their shaky start; Napoleon admits he once ran to the computer at every sneeze or cough.

“I was a wreck. I was on Google every day,” Napoleon, 43, says. “I would get worried and then I would find out I was the only dad on the dang message boards and I would be embarrassed.”

Now feeling more confident, the proud parents have returned to work choreographing for the recent So You Think You Can Dance finale and have television show and music video shoots scheduled in the coming weeks.

“Every rehearsal, when we leave him, I tear up a bit in the car,” admits Tabitha, 39, who “bawled” the first time she held her baby boy. “But it is new. I’ll get better.”

And the couple is finding ways to bring 7-week-old London to work with them as well.

“We have little noise-canceling headphones that we put on him and they look really cool,” Napoleon says. “He doesn’t hear any of the noises and sleeps right through while we are choreographing.”

Not that the newborn doesn’t already share his parent’s love of music. “He’s been around it since he was in the womb. For some reason when we put on Aerosmith he loved it,” says Tabitha, who credits her time on set with former Idol judge Steven Tyler for London’s preference.

“When we put it on he would quiet down. I was, like, ‘Nice!’”

Tabitha’s active lifestyle has gotten her back in shape quickly after giving birth, with her husband saying she looks “amazing” — but the new mom believes certain post-pregnancy assets are clouding his judgment.

“My husband is very excited about me right now,” she says. “Me and my breastfeeding boobs.”

– Patrick Gomez

Gia Canali

Meet Brooks Alan Stuber!

Molly Sims introduces her newborn son in a Thursday post on her website, sharing photos and anecdotes about her first month as a mom.

“My first seven weeks as a mama have been both amazing and hard,” the model and actress, 39, writes.

“There’s a lot of sleep deprivation involved, but I guess that comes with the territory! Brooks has been sleeping in 2 to 3 -hour shifts, so I’ve been learning to nap when he naps.”

Sims and husband Scott Stuber have been enjoying dressing their little man up — Brooks sometimes wears up to three outfits a day, she admits — and says they’re constantly taking photos of their son, who loves to be swaddled.

“I think that no matter how prepared you are — no matter how many hours you spend researching strollers, stocking up on organic baby food, and decorating the nursery — there’s simply nothing that can prepare you for the feeling that comes with holding your baby for the first time,” she adds.

For more from the new mom — as well as additional photos — visit

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