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If you’re anything like me, you might enjoy handheld games but despise going through rich experiences on such a tiny screen that annoyingly forces you to squint your eyes downward. You just can’t shake the feeling that while you may be playing a fantastic game, part of the experience is being robbed. You like the games, but you just wish there was some alternative method to play on your luxurious 50 something inch tv with booming surround sound that’s staring you right in your face.

That’s who the PS Vita TV is for; people that just have no interest in the handheld market and otherwise would support games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Assassin’s Creed: Liberation. Announced earlier today, this little device allows gamers to play Vita, PSP, and PSone classics with the standard Dualshock PS3 controller on a tv of your choosing. It also is capable of functioning alongside the PS4 s marketed remote play features, and is also compatible with streaming services such as Hulu. The device will also go for a very reasonable price of $100 although only a November release date in Japan has been announced.

There’s a good amount of people that may find this announcement pointless or even humorous, but I personally applaud Sony and feel that it’s about time a corporation creates a method that allows gamers to experience these games without being forced upon a tiny screen, that while capable of some remarkable graphics, cannot hold a candle to actual home theater set ups.

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