According to the latest Hollywood gossip, ROBERT PATTINSON has admitted that he is an “extraordinarily loud” kisser.

But we don’t think that’s going to be a deterrent for anyone, Rob.

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And obviously, his girlfriend Kristen Stewart, whom he recently got back together with, is not at all freaked out by his noisy kissing technique.

The British actor, who is currently making the rounds on talk shows and doing interviews to promote the last installment of the “Twilight” film franchise, made an appearance on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” earlier this week, where he showed a romantic clip from “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” where Edward and Bella have a romantic conversation and share a quick kiss-a particularly loud kiss.

After the clip was shown, Robert said:

“I just noticed… every single scene I end up kissing someone, I have such extraordinarily loud, like, little pecks. It sounds like I’m walking around in wellies [Wellington rubber boots].”

He continued:

“Literally, my lip is like a vacuum.”

And when the mostly female audience began cheering, the actor said:

“That’s not cool, it’s not sexy at all.”

Do you think it’s sexy?

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