Tasha Yar

With the exception of a premature cancellation, very little earns the ire of the fan boys like the death of a beloved character. In the current TV climate we are used to fans hoping for a character to meet their demise, baying for blood with each passing episode. The likes of Joffrey of Game of Thrones and Andrea of The Walking Dead, have united the fan base in a collective sea of hate, which often seems to take on a life of its own. As all-encompassing as these hate campaigns can be, there is something more powerful- and that is the death of a character that we actually like.

In this day and age killing a character is a sure fire way to unleash message board hell. It’s understandable of course; we watch these characters live their lives for a number of years and become invested in them and their journeys, so to see these journeys come to an end can be devastating. Having said that there are times when you just want to tell the fans to stop and remember that it is just a television show. Every time a show runner like Joss Whedon kills a character off, it seems like the geek apocalypse has begun. The internet lights up and millions of fans discuss their mutual devastation and anger with the events of the show- some vow to boycott the series and others plan to protest- but those of us that aren’t crazy will simply sit and reflect on the loss of a character that mattered to us.

There are times however that the outrage is justified, when a character is exits the show in an incredibly unfitting way. A way in which neither you or any other fan would have predicted nor wanted, it may seem like an exaggeration but it can be an event that genuinely ruins a show for some people.

Let’s check out 10 unnecessary TV deaths that outraged the fan boys.

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