Sting E

With part 5 of my series (I’m now counting my article on Michael Cole as part 1, which you can read here) in which I discuss what I feel is wrong with professional wrestling today, I am expecting quite the backlash considering the topic I am about to discuss. However, before you send the goon squad out to get me, please remember that as with the others articles that mention Triple H, Jeff Hardy and Michael Cole, I am honestly attempting not to be a “smark” in any sense of the word.

I make my position quite clear as to my feelings about these performers in my opening statements, but unlike smarks, I present evidence to back up my conclusions as to why I feel these people are not what is “best for business.”

I am not presenting you my personal reasons as to why I think they suck, but why from a business standpoint, from every angle, having them in positions of power is detrimental to pro wrestling in its entirety, regardless of what company they work for. I am more than willing to be proven wrong, in fact I welcome it, for when it comes to wrestling, I am usually right most of the time, but unfortunately it is often things that I do not want to be right about.

I hope that makes sense and does not come off as pretentious. All I ask is to keep an open mind and look at the points I make subjectively, although I have now got a bulletproof vest on just in case.

Click “Next” as I begin to ask the question – is Sting iconic or ironic?

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