We’re in a world where sequels are both the best and worst thing in cinema. As the year moves towards summer audiences are quick to bemoan the high number of films based already existing successes, but mere months later they’re eagerly anticipating the latest Iron Man, Star Trek or X-Men. Talk about flippant.

Even though we crave originality, a sequel is dependable and have in recent years proven to be as strong as the original; The Godfather: Part II and The Empire Strikes Back are no longer the only good sequels. And as time goes by, more money is put into the follow ups the the original and it’s really showing on screen.

Well, in most cases. Sometimes the money won’t make it on screen and you’re left with a damp squib. Nowhere is this better shown than with the special effects. Typically here quality directly correlates to budget, but as with any rule it ends up broken. Here are ten follow ups that for some bizarre reason ended up with visual effects worse than the original.

As you’ll see this isn’t just reserved to CGI. I’mtsha going to be looking at all sorts of effects across the past fifty years. There’s budget cuts and technology misuse galore in this article, as well as some very light spoilers.

Honourable Mention – Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull


The sequel that immediately comes to mind when you think of shocking special effects has to be the fourth Indiana Jones. Forsaking the original trilogy’s focus on traditional effects, this is CGI overkill in the worst possible manner; there’s painfully enough real sets to hint at a promise of a realistic film.

The thing is, the effects in Raiders, Doom and Crusade were equally as outlandish and unbelievable; extravagant face melting and poor compositing are rife. But while the effects aren’t perfect, the film was just so interesting you didn’t care. The real crime of Crystal Skull was that it was so mundane all you could do was focus on the special effects. Which is much, much worse.

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