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There are lots of reasons why actors take on certain movie roles. Some simply enjoy the script, welcome the challenge, or don’t want to pass up the opportunity to work with a specific director or actor. Others choose their roles based on how far the filming location is from their home or how the schedule fits around other projects. Or perhaps their agent told them to do it. And, then, of course, there’s always the greatest incentive of all: money.

But despite this sometimes complicated formula, actors make mistakes. They pick movies they shouldn’t have. Sometimes we understand. Maybe it was something they did prior to being famous, and just took the role to pay the bills or because they have nothing better on the table at the time. Big blockbusters are typically cast long before all the details are worked out – maybe George Clooney didn’t even see the script before Batman & Robin (please say he didn’t).

Occasionally, though, an actor will accept a movie role so ludicrous that there really is no excuse. You know the type: you see the trailer and instantly assume it’s fake. After all, no one would make that movie, right? Apparently not. Here at 10 instances of actors who appeared in movies that were seriously beneath them…

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