Con Air

The 90 s gave us so much: baggy sweaters, Reebok pumps, pegged jeans, Vanilla Ice. The decade introduced us to the Dreamcast, supersized value meals and Saved By The Bell. Yet perhaps the 90 s greatest contribution to society was the cheesy action movie. Sure, the format was really introduced in the 80 s but it absolutely came of age during the last decade of the 20th century.

Icons from the 80 s like Stallone and Schwartzeneger made room for (and some times made movies with) a new wave of stars like Van Damme and Cage. The 90 s movie scene was rife with testosterone gun violence, overacting and bad writing. Many of these movies were just plain terrible. Some of them (read Die Hard 2 & 3) were just plain awesome. Most fell somewhere in the middle, full of exciting action and terrible acting.

With that in mind we have compiled a list of 9 films that exuded cheese yet somehow, in part or in total, provided us with a level of awesome that should be celebrated. There are better movies, there are cheesier movies. These are the 9 that combined cheese and awesomeness to epic proportions.

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