The Fountain

Every year, cinema provides us with films that are breaktakingly beautiful, immersive and evocative, but sometimes a film that is seemingly destined for box office success flops and quickly disappears from cinemas, never to be spoken of again. The film industry time and time again has proven that quality does not also mean success.

Ultimately, the film industry is a business and therefore must make money in order to create films for the future. Any investment that a studio makes is made in the hope that they will see a greater return, preferably one that is large enough to encourage the development of a series. Naturally, not ever film that is released is going to be a box office smash due to a number of reasons, some of which I will explain in this article.

To qualify as a “box-office flop”, the film’s worldwide gross must be less than the production budget of the respective movie. However, these figures do not include either the marketing cost of the film or the DVD/Rental takings of the film.

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