Confirmed lushes Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz accidentally broke into a stranger's home recently.

Hamptons police are currently searching for two fugitives described as “a famous singer” and “a person married to a famous singer” who broke into a stranger’s home to throw a party. They are not believed to be armed and dangerouz.

Page Six, noting only that it was “recently,” says that one night, not too long ago, a woman was awoken in her Water Mill, N.Y. home to the sounds of a party downstairs. As it’s not absurd to expect an invitation to a party thrown in your own home, this woman was surprised. When she came downstairs, the woman (believed to be the wife of South African billionaire Ivan Glasenberg) discovered Alicia Keys, her husband Swizz Beatz and “a party posse” in her kitchen.

Keys and Beatz had apparently rented a house nearby and mistakenly entered the wrong house. Oh whoops what’s this giant mansion with an unlocked door? This looks *just like* that summer share I’m splitting with Kendall and Jenny. Do they have any Glenlivet? Fortunately, Ivan Glasenberg’s wife is super chill and didn’t call the police immediately when she heard voices downstairs. The New York Post reports that everyone involved was in good spirits, Keys and Beatz were because they were drinking good spirits, Mme. Glasenberg because she was outnumbered in her own home by a group of drunk strangers.

The Post, for no good reason, makes special note that the woman’s daughter was “delighted to learn about the error.” But it’s possibly because, at the same time, she was throwing a party for her own party posse in Alicia Keys’ house. A regular Comedy of Errors out there on the Hamptons.