Yesterday Lizzy Caplan got all made up, put on a nice dress, and tottled off to The Late Show with David Letterman, only to sit in a dressing room while some bonkers lady in a bedazzled jacket hogged her spotlight. Cher got one full hour on The Late Show and a milkshake; Lizzy Caplan got nothing.

The show’s open promoted appearances by both Cher and Lizzy Caplan:

But as the show unfolded, Cher’s specific brand of crazy proved too alluring for Letterman and Caplan’s segment was bumped to tonight. Throughout the show, Cher and Letterman discussed some everyday normal topics like Cher’s first tattoo (“hey sailor” on her butt) and why Cher hasn’t released an album in a decade: “I forgot.” She also entered on a burlesque swing to “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”

Lizzy Caplan was, by the way, scheduled to be on the show to promote Masters of Sex, which airs on Showtime, a premium cable channel owned by CBS, the channel which broadcasts The Late Show.

You can catch her on the show tonight, unless Mariah Carey decides to stop by on a white unicorn or something.