Aubrey Plaza in a bikini in GQ

One of our favorite funny ladies, Aubrey Plaza, is stripping down to her bikini for GQ Magazine’s August 2013 Issue.

The hilarious young actress opened up to the mag about dating, her dream role, and a certain scene in her upcoming comedy, The The To Do List, where she “angrily” pleasures herself.

“I liked angrily masturbating. I say my own name, which you kind of think could be hot in a way, but it doesn’t come off that way,” Plaza explained. “I’m like, ‘C’mon, Brandy. You got this, Brandy.’ But I have two hands up my vagina and I’m just staring, and I’m wearing a Hillary Clinton T-shirt.”

Aubrey also revealed that she would not be interested in going out with… herself. “I am the last person on earth I’d ever go on a date with,” the Parks and Recreation star admitted.

When asked about her ultimate dream role, Plaza’s answer might just surprise you.

“I want my shot at Catwoman, and I want it soon,” Aubrey told the magazine. Hear that, Anne Hathaway?

Aubrey went into even more detail about her awkward “self love” sexual scene in The To Do List on Tuesday’s Conan. Watch the very funny moment, below.