HBK Triple H Undertaker

The Undertaker was in attendance last night at a Nashville Predator’s NHL game in Nashville which just so happens to be the location of tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW, setting the rumour mill into overdrive as everyone begins to speculate that ‘Taker will make his WWE return tonight.

The Dead Man hasn’t been involved in WWE storylines since his epic Hell In A Cell battle at last year’s Wrestlemania against Triple H with Shawn Michaels as guest referee. An appearance on RAW would certainly be in keeping with his limited schedule as the build to this years Wrestlemania begins to pick up pace.

Of course this could just be a coincidence and ‘Taker (Mark Callaway) may not appear at all. It has been speculated for months that it would be CM Punk who would challenge the world famous ‘Streak’ this year but ongoing injury concerns and alleged money disputes have thrown Undertaker’s appearance into doubt.

If The Undertaker does not appear soon WWE will need to start finding a suitable programme for Punk to be involved in come ‘Mania as he is currently without an opponent. Suggestions have been made that he could be thrown in to the proposed John Cena Vs The Rock WWE Championship match but there have been few successful Triple Threat title matches in the PPV history so this is probably unlikely.

It remains to be seen then if The Deadman will rise from the grave once more and head into Wrestlemania to steel the show. I guess we’ll all find out together tonight as RAW goes live.

You can see an up-to-date picture of how ‘Taker looks below:


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