Transformers; Alien robots who, quite literally, ‘transform’.

They can appear as relatively normal looking vehicles (cars, trucks, aeroplanes, tanks etc) or ‘transform’ in to giant, humanoid robots with kick-ass weapons.

In the Transformers movie franchise, there exists an item called the ‘All Spark’. The All Spark is the source of life for the Autobots and Decepticons (the two main factions associated with the franchise) and has the ability to turn any mechanical item in to a living being.

For example; in the movies, items such as vending machines, mobile phones and toasters became living, sentient robots with the ability to change from looking like every day items in to the humanoid robots I’ve already mentioned.

So I started thinking; what if the All Spark came in to contact with some of the vehicles that have been used in movies. Those iconic vehicles that are so memorable. What if they were given a life of their own and became Transformers? How cool would that be?!

With that in mind, here are five famous movie vehicles that would make awesome Transformers…

Dishonourable Mention: The Mutt Cutts Van (Dumb & Dumber)


This would make an absolutely appalling Transformer, so let’s move on extremely swiftly…

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