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The wrestling industry belongs to Vincent Kennedy McMahon. The history of the profession stretches way back to the 1800 s, but for the most part, the history of pro wrestling only exists from the era of McMahon.

It was Churchill who declared “History is written by the victors”, and in wrestling it has certainly been the case. The WWE will touch upon wrestlers such as Frank Gotch who popularized pro wrestling with his 1908 World Championship run, but mainly the celebration of “wrestling greats” begins with the WWWF’s Bruno Sammartino in 1963. The WWE media machine has carefully popularized its own version of wrestling history, and attempts have been made in various propaganda to cast wrestling history in the way Vince McMahon sees fit.

This WWE rewriting of history has involved censorship, deletion of champions and blackballing of talent. Here we look at 10 ways the WWE has tried to rewrite the legacy of an industry…

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Wwe Network

Speculation has increased this past week that WWE are imminently going to release details on an April 2014 WWE Network launch.

The news story gathered pace when selected media outlets received invitations to a ‘WWE Special Event’ in Las Vegas. The invitation stated ‘Save The Date’ and revealed that Vince McMahon would host proceedings to take place at the Wynn in Las Vegas. As WWE Editor of WhatCulture, my assumption was that this would be a formal announcement and launch details of the heralded WWE Network. The event will take place at 6pm Vegas time, on Wednesday 8th of January, by invite only.

The launch of the Network will be a huge deal. It will give WWE a full platform to sell content and develop business. Traditional pay per view content seems an obvious candidate to have on any Network package – the eventual announcement will an industry changer.

However, since the ‘Save The Date’ invite came out, WWE’s publicity department has informed us that the Network is still undergoing structuring.

WWE Director of Public Relations, Adam Hopkins, states in an email sent out to press earlier today; “In addition to not being able to confirm timing of the WWE Network launch, WWE is still considering all options for distribution, pricing and role of pay-per-view.”

The statement is a curious acknowledgment of speculation about the Network launch. Perhaps it is designed to throw people off the scent of the big launch on the 8th of January. Alternatively, it could be a matter of fact – the WWE Network is still some way off.

If the January 8th announcement is not regarding the WWE Network, expect it to be a technology development. The conference will come at the same time as the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas that week. However, for Vince McMahon to be “hosting” it must be something big – WWE don’t usually use Mr.McMahon in these press events. The outside bet is that the “Special Event” will be the announcement of Wrestlemania 31 s location. Could it be Las Vegas? It seems unlikely. But then again, UFC is doing huge business in Vegas, perhaps it is time for a WWE Wrestlemania return to Sin City.

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