It’s that time of year again when ladders and bodies break and scar for an opportunity at a World/WWE Championship match. This years’ edition is live from the passionate wrestling city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and takes place Sunday night on July 14th.

Over the course of this article we will analyze the 4 Championship matches, 2 Ladder Matches, and everything in between seeking out multiple outcomes whilst homing on one most logical and pleasing. Whether you are betting for money or gambling casually, or just want to read some conjecture I believe my predictions will be interesting to read. If nothing else we can all laugh at myself if I’m completely wrong.

(C) Curtis Axel vs. The Miz- Intercontinental Championship


Battling for the IC Championship even. there still isn’t much too actually say about this match. We know that Curtis Axel is the new “Heyman Guy” with the WWE behind him more increasingly by each day. As for the Miz, he’s been floating around the mid-card for 2 years now. From a logical standpoint it benefits no one having Axel lose. The Miz has been going back and forth with Wade Barrett for the IC Championship in a feud that unfortunately did nothing for either one. This match will most likely either open the show or randomly get tossed between main events to cool down the crowd. I do not expect anything surprising to happen. Logically it makes sense to continue marketing and pushing Axel as a rising star.

Winner: Curtis Axel

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