Thank you Gods of Wrestling! The Not So Great Khali is out of Elimination Chamber. In his place The World’s Fattest, erm, Strongest Man. Hallelujah.

Cody Rhodes had a successful return to Smackdown’s singles division. Unfortunately it came at the expense of Kofi Kingston, a man in desperate need of a heel turn.

Big Show was humiliated again by Alberto Del Rio. After a pretty strong victory over Kane, Show was on the receiving end of more chicanery at the hands of the Heavyweight Champion and his BFF Ricardo Rodriguez. What WWE hopes to achieve by making Show look ridiculous after building him as a monster for months is beyond me. Why would he be left in tears?

Jack Swagger’s triumphant return continues with an easy win over Justin Gabriel. I love Swagger but have to agree with a reader comment from last week, he does look a little out of shape compared to his last run with the company.

I guess Tensai is a babyface now? Having him embarrass himself in lingerie on RAW last week was all it took apparently. Expect him to form a comedy tag team with Santino soon. At least he was victorious this week. Shame it was only against the God awful 3 Man Band.

Brodus Clay is the new Rikishi. Great. There’s a gimmick that never gets old. Sigh.

The Sin Cara experiment continues to fail. This week he was beaten by US Champion Antonio Cesaro. Sin Cara either needs a convincing singles win or an opponent he can gel with and soon!

This week’s main event was Sexual Chocolate against Mr Wellness Violation Randy Orton. Orton’s stock has plummeted and not surprisingly seeing as he’s an awful babyface. This week he lost clean to Mark Henry. Things don’t look great for him leading into Wrestlemania.

Why do you think?

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