The X-Men movie franchise has recently come back to the box office forefront with the release of The Wolverine, while the on-screen X-Men universe is set to expand extensively next year with the release of the fascinating and eagerly anticipated time-travel epic; Days of Future Past. An X-Force movie was also announced at Comic Con.

The array of characters, therefore, in the X-Men live action world is growing rapidly. Some of the biggest names in Marvel comics have appeared so far: Wolverine, Professor Xavier, Magneto, Storm, Cyclops and Juggernaut to name but a few.

But there are still a load missing and therefore the pool of potential characters to bring to the big screen is plentiful – some of which are best left to the printed sheets of comic book pages, whilst some would make fantastic live action additions.

On that note, here are ten great characters that we would love to see in future X-Men movies…

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