Warner Bros. has released an exhilarating new single-take trailer for Alfonso Cuaron’s hugely-anticipated sci-fi film Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, one which has caused the film to go trending on Twitter today, as the hype around the potential Best Picture Oscar nominee continues to build.

The clip sees Dr. Ryan Stone (Bullock) getting into a spot of trouble after the module she’s repairing appears to break apart before her very eyes, while veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney) tries to keep her calm. The clip ends with Stone being sent careening off into space, leaving us wondering exactly how on Earth (or not, as is the case) she can possibly be saved.

While the plot synopsis states that the pair end up tethering themselves together as they spiral out into space, it’s hard to see how Kowalsky is going to be able to grab onto Stone, and that is the beauty of this intense, enigmatic trailer.

What it also demonstrates is not just the fluidity of Cuaron’s superb knack for controlled, single-take sequences, but also the astonishing standard of the visual effects necessary for a film like this to work. Though the usual net nerds have been dissecting the trailer and scrutinising the CGI, there’s no doubt that Cuaron is going to deliver a stunning spectacle and one quite unlike anything we have ever seen.

Gravity opens in the US on October 4th and in the UK on October 18th.

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