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Films can be a paradise for the imagination. These days, we can think of literally anything, and through a combination of practical effects guile and special effect wizardry, we can make it happen. Really, it’s a blessing, and allows us to stick any sort of wacky speculative invention on screen.

However, with great power comes great responsibility – though we can think up anything we like and stick it in the plot, we must be careful not to go too far, or we might end up with a plot-hole like no other. After all, if you can create an everything-proof shield using future technology, then how could there possibly be any sense of risk in your film?

Yet a hilarious amount of script-writers fall into exactly this trap, and it requires picky obsessives like myself to point them out. Whether through laziness, forgetfulness or a lack of forethought, some writers create technologies so powerful that they can actually break a story and solve the whole thing in a heartbeat if they were used correctly. Yet somehow, they want us to forget these shocking oversights and say ‘it’s just a film.’ Well, I guess we can, but we could also be overly analytical and critical as well, because dammit, if we don’t pick up on this stuff, how are they going to learn?

Beware, there might be a few SPOILERS in this article. Read on at your own peril.

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Darth Vader Blast

Ah, the “no-sell”; the ability to completely shrug off an opponent’s attack – whatever kind of attack it may be – and walk away from it completely unscathed.

It’s a commonly occurring plot device, utilised in fiction to convey a certain character or entity as formidable and hard to beat, thus emphasising the threat they pose (generally, but not always, to the protagonist).

There have been THOUSANDS of examples of the use of this tool in various fictional media and none more so than in movies.

In this article, I’ll be looking at some of the more memorable examples (mostly from my lifetime) to have occurred in the world of cinema.

By no means a definitive list and in no particular order (so further input, by way of comments, is definitely encouraged), here are ten great examples of no-selling attacks in movies…

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