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In honor of Carrie, a girl with a pretty special power of her own, we’re taking a look at 8 kick-ass women harnessing the power of their talents to make a splash in a BIG way. You probably haven’t heard of any of these women yet, but trust us – you will know her name.

Facts: Spifster Sutton, out of Chi-Town, has the most incredible skills I’ve ever seen. She’s done nails for the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Adrienne Bailon. She is a BEAST.
Why We Love Her: She can get the kind of detail we could only dream of mastering with a pen and ink and she does kick-ass nails that manage to be both retro and contemporary at the same time.

Where She’s At? Keep track by following her on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

Why We’re Obsessed: Spifster has a pretty impressive portfolio of work, but this manicure she did for Vanity Projects in NYC is something that I would gladly rock all day, every day.

Need more convincing? Check out this gallery of the best of Spifster and keep an eye out – she’s doing big things in the underground, but trust us, she’s poised for a breakout.

We asked you to show us how your super-secret powers last week. If you’re lacking in inspiration, watch as our own Taylor Treadwell discovers her very OWN special powers, and just how to flex them, with the help of magician Jim Armstrong. Like Carrie, but if you need a little bit of inspiration, check out this video in which our own Taylor Treadwell learns just how much power the mind possesses.

Not quuiiiite sure how you’d flex like Carrie? No worries, y’all. We found some examples.

Try making a stage levitate!

Or master the art of getting people to go where you want them, all the time.

We know you’ve got some super-crazy powers up your sleeves, so get out there and get to flexing! If you show us the craziest thing you can do, you could win $2,000. That’s a lot of extra moves in Candy Crush, guys.

  1. Create a Vine or throw a pic or video up on Instagram showing us your super secret, super awesome power.
  2. Tag the video or photo using the hashtag #FlexLikeCarrie. (Yo: make sure your account is public so we can see it!)
  3. Share your secret power on Twitter!
  4. Make sure you have these up by October 20th, so we can announce the final winner!

Sex and the City may be history (at least the original), but our love for Carrie Bradshaw just goes on and on. She was totally our favorite, until… Carrie White, telekinetic wondergirl and all around fire-starter from the new movie Carrie came into our life.

Here’s why THIS is the Carrie to keep an eye on in 2013, even if you love SATC reruns on cable…which we all do!

Still find yourself caught between two Carrie’s? This video at the 40 second mark makes it pretty clear that our telekinetic girl Carrie is…well…awesome.

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