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Kelly Osbourne shows off her engagement ring on

Kelly Osbourne went on her mom’s show Tuesday where she was more than happy to show off the rock her fianc Matthew Mosshart gave her. Unfortunately for anyone hoping they might get to see Kelly’s nuptials on television, the former reality star says she won’t be sharing her wedding with the world:

I don’t want to do a reality show. I’ve already done that. Like, every morning I wake up to another email, like, “an offer you cannot refuse.” I’m like, “I can refuse that. I don’t want to be on another reality show, I’m fine right now. Thank you.”

Kelly, whose hair could be a nod to Orange is the New Black‘s Crazy Eyes, got embarrassed when Sharon shared her reaction to the engagement: “more grandbabies!”

During her appearance, the ladies of The Talk also presented Kelly with a very special engagement gift. Check out the video above for the highlights.

Yesterday Lizzy Caplan got all made up, put on a nice dress, and tottled off to The Late Show with David Letterman, only to sit in a dressing room while some bonkers lady in a bedazzled jacket hogged her spotlight. Cher got one full hour on The Late Show and a milkshake; Lizzy Caplan got nothing.

The show’s open promoted appearances by both Cher and Lizzy Caplan:

But as the show unfolded, Cher’s specific brand of crazy proved too alluring for Letterman and Caplan’s segment was bumped to tonight. Throughout the show, Cher and Letterman discussed some everyday normal topics like Cher’s first tattoo (“hey sailor” on her butt) and why Cher hasn’t released an album in a decade: “I forgot.” She also entered on a burlesque swing to “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”

Lizzy Caplan was, by the way, scheduled to be on the show to promote Masters of Sex, which airs on Showtime, a premium cable channel owned by CBS, the channel which broadcasts The Late Show.

You can catch her on the show tonight, unless Mariah Carey decides to stop by on a white unicorn or something.

Bill Murray Channels Liberace

It was 20 years ago that David Letterman became the host of the Late Show with David Letterman.

His first guest on August 30, 1993 was Bill Murray, there to promote Groundhog Day. To celebrate the occasion, Murray returns to Letterman tonight. This time, he arrives in true superstar fashion, channeling Liberace with a Rolls Royce, poodle and cape.

This really feels like a must-watch doesn’t it? Unfortunately, Time Warner still won’t let New Yorkers watch CBS, so the rest of you are just going to tell us how it is.


Welcome to Survivor: Caramoan, Fans vs. Favorites. The Favorites (Bikal Tribe): Andrea Boehlke (Survivor Redemption Island), Brandon Hantz (Survivor South Pacific), Brenda Lowe (Survivor Nicaragua), Corrine Kaplan (Survivor Gabon), Dawn Meehan (Survivor South Pacific), Erik Reichenbach (Survivor Micronesia), Francesca Hogi (Survivor Redemption Island), John Cochran (Survivor South Pacific), Phillip Sheppard (Survivor Redemption Island) and Malcolm Freberg (Survivor Philippines).

The Fans (Gota Tribe): Laura Alexander, Sherri Biethman, Hope Driskill, Eddie Fox, Julia Landauer, Alexandra Phevitz, Michael Snow, Shamar Thomas, Reynold Toepfer, Matt Bischoff.

The Fans come in on a boat, while the Favorites get helicopters. And Jeff Probst, that wild and crazy guy, apparently parachutes down from a towering cliff, where he’s been shouting about 39 days and ONE SURVIVOR.

Probst gathers the Fans on the beach for their first glimpse of their new frenemies. Just to show them who’s boss, the Faves’ helicopters land close enough to literally kick sand in the Fans faces. Probst immediately sets the teams a challenge, with a reward of fire, and twenty pounds of beans. Two members of each team must race into the water to retrieve a ring, and then get it back to their pole while fending off the other team.

Phillip takes the opportunity to strip down to his – yes – pink briefs. The melee gets hot and heavy, as everyone fights their hardest. Probst, in the water himself, is shocked when Shamar yells out “Break her wrist!” Although Shamar says he really meant “Break her hold,” a lonely bird whistle signals that the Fans are here to play HARD.

The Favorites win the game when Malcolm wrestles his way out of his shorts (“Go naked”, yells Erik from the sidelines) and into victory. Phillip tries to corral the rambunctious Brandon by pretending to be a football coach, (“Alright guys, that’s enough, bring it in.”) to whom no one listens.

On the Fans (Gota) beach, they find a machete and a barrel of rice. Mountain Man Matt immediately gets to work building a shelter, with everyone’s help. But ex-Marine Shamar disses their work, saying that the most important priority is getting fire organized. Matt says he is the shelter guy; someone else will have to work on fire. Having thoroughly bummed out the group, Shamar wanders away, and does absolutely nothing about either fire or shelter. I guess his work there was done.

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ted and jeanette

HIMYM returned last night with another new episode. They won the time slot for the second straight week, along with a big win in among 18-49 year olds, the demographic most sought after by advertisers. However, ratings came up a little short of my prediction of having the most viewed episode of the series last week.

The episode started off as many HIMYMs do with us seeing what happens at the end of the story. Ted and the gang are sitting on the curb and there are flames raining down from the building above them. This is no doubt the result of something Ted’s new girlfriend, Jeanette, had done. Older Ted tells his kid that Jeanette was the most important girl he dated, because it was her that made him realize he was ready to settle down.

Going back to an earlier moment, the gang tells Ted that Jeanette is crazy, and that he has to break up with her. He knows they are right, but is afraid what the consequences will be. He decides that he’ll take her to a public place where she wouldn’t be able to anything too crazy. However, when he takes her to a Nets game, the whole public place thing doesn’t seem to be much of a deterrent. She is threatening the refs and other people at the game.

The next day Barney and Marshall come over to Ted’s place. It turns out that the guys have turned Ted’s apartment into a clubhouse of sorts. Anything that Lily or Robin won’t let them have, they bring over to Ted’s place. Ted says that he has to step out for a second. While he is gone, Jeanette shows up unannounced. When Ted returns, he finds out that Jeanette has locked herself in his bedroom. Ted confesses to Barney and Marshall that he started to break up with Jeanette, but he began to hesitate halfway through because of how crazy she was being. Ted goes into the bedroom to finish the job, only to find Jeanette wearing just lingerie and his red cowboy boots. Of course, instead of breaking up with her, they have sex.

By far the best part of this episode was the side story involving Robin and Lily. In classic HIMYM fashion, the story is revealed bits and parts at a time. It turns out that at eight months old, Robin had still never held Marvin, and was afraid to do so. When Lily and Robin are out with Marvin, Lily forgets Marvin’s favorite pacifier on a bus, and decides to chase after it, leaving Marvin with Robin. Lily comes back a while later with the pacifier, and asks if Robin had any problems. She says no and they move on. They flash forward to a few years later with Robin and Lily chatting over some glasses of wine. Robin confesses that there was more to that story. She says that Marvin started crying and that she was still afraid to pick him up, so she let an old lady pick him up and calm him down. “I’m sorry I let a stranger pick up Marvin,” Robin says. Lily forgives her. Later in the episode, it flashes forward to an ever later date, when Robin again confesses to Lily that there was more to the story. Apparently, at one point the stroller nearly rolled out into the street. Robin was clearly shook up, and the stranger recommended that they go to a nearby restaurant and settle down. Flashing forward once again, Robin tells Lily that the place that they went to was a strip club, and for the final twist, the old lady wasn’t actually an old lady… it was Mike Tyson.

This was another episode written by show co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. The main story with Ted was only ok, but the side plot made the episode. Their signature style was clearly stamped on the Mike Tyson story. It was definitely fun to see that one get slowly revealed and have the real Tyson guest star. Tune in next week to see how Ted and Jeanette’s relationship literally goes down in flames.

The legend continues Mondays at 8/7c on CBS.

Photo Credits: CBS

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