According to recent Hollywood celebrity gossip, ZAC EFRON has been in rehab TWICE this year for cocaine addiction, and not just the one stint that was reported a few days ago.

Can you believe it?

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As if it wasn’t shocking enough to find out that squeaky clean hunk Zac Efron, who shot to stardom after playing charismatic basketball player Troy Bolton in Disney’s “High School Musical” franchise, had gone to rehab-secretly-earlier this year for an addiction to cocaine, we now find out that it was not his first time to undergo treatment.

He reportedly entered rehab in March, but after getting clean and sober for a few weeks, Efron relapsed in April, right around the time he began filming his upcoming movie “Neighbors” with Seth Rogen.

TMZ reports:

Zac Efron has done rehab for cocaine addiction not once this year, but twice, after a major relapse… Zac has been doing cocaine for more than 2 years – he was also into Molly. He tried to clean himself up in March by getting professional help. We’re told he left California and stayed in a private residence where he received intensive outpatient care for several weeks.”

The site continues:

“In April he returned to L.A. and began shooting Seth Rogen‘s film “Neighbors.” During the shoot Zac relapsed in a big way… [He] was not showing up on the set and it was common knowledge he was using again… [and] after the film wrapped up he got a second dose of outpatient care.”

Let’s hope Zac‘s on the right path now.

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