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Hollywood news reports that LINDSAY LOHAN has lost her lawsuit against PITBULL over his “Give Me Everything” song, which she claimed had exploited her in its lyrics.

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You may remember that Lindsay Lohan slammed and sued Pitbull in 2011 for defaming her in his hit song, “Give Me Everything,” with the lyrics, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.”

Unfortunately for the often-criticized actress, U.S. District judge Denis Hurley has ruled against her lawsuit that claimed the song allegedly violated her civil rights by using her name for commercial purposes without permission because it is protected by the First Amendment as a “work of art.”

Hurley also noted that the “isolated nature of the use of her name” deemed the claims weak. In addition to that, Lindsay’s attorney, Stephanie Ovadia, was sanctioned for reportedly plagiarizing in her court briefing.

The upside of everything was that Lindsay was spared from Pitbull‘s legal team’s request that she should be given a sanction for a “frivolous” lawsuit.

Do you think the decision was unfair or should Lindsay just suck it up?

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CHRIS BROWN and DRAKE have decided to sue each other over their massive NYC nightclub brawl in June last year.

The war ain’t over yet!

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As you may remember, Chris Brown and Drake were initially blamed and sued for the huge club brawl at W.i.P. nightclub in New York in the middle of last year. But because there was no sufficient evidence to prove that they started the bottle-throwing fight-allegedly over their common lady love, Rihanna-that left party goers with pretty serious injuries, they were eventually let off the hook.

But in light of a new suit filed by French model Romain Julien against them and the club, the rappers are now attacking each other… in court.

Now that’s fresh.

TMZ reports:

“Both Drake and Brown have filed legal docs — obtained by TMZ — in which they point the guilty finger at each other. It’s a little technical, but each is asking the judge to pin the blame on the other.”

The report adds:

Drake and Brown each claim they were not responsible for the fight and want the other to pay any damages in the event the model wins his suit.”

At this point, the outcome is pretty unpredictable. Stay tuned…

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The KARDASHIAN sisters could be sued for allegedly stealing the name for their new makeup line, Khroma Beauty.


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Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian will soon be launching their newest line of makeup called “Khroma Beauty” and it’s expected to be a hit. Unfortunately, they may have to change its brand name as it’s not original.

The co-owner for the luxurious beauty line called “Chroma Makeup” from Beverly Hills, Michael Rey, has gone forward and claimed the reality star sisters hijacked the name for their “cheap” cosmetics line.

Their problem? An expected confusion among the marketplace. TMZ explained:

Michael fears his high-end customers will run for other parts of the Hills … thinking their primo cosmetics are not so primo after all ….and they’ll be embarrassed to say they wear Chroma.”

Fearing the worst, Michael has reportedly hired a legal team and is expected to contact the Kardashians anytime soon, who will hopefully change their name. If they don’t, Michael says he’s prepared to take legal action against them.

For now, “Chroma Makeup” has made it clear that they are in no way affiliated with the “low-budget cosmetic products” the Kardashians are selling.

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