According to recent celebrity news, CHERYL COLE has admitted to cursing out SIMON COWELL after she was fired from the USA edition of “X Factor”…

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The gorgeous Brit is finally opening up about her intense reaction to how she was fired from her position as a judge on “X Factor” last year.

Cheryl was initially a judge on the British edition of “X Factor, but was tapped to join Simon as he launched the show in America. However, just one month after she was announced as an official member of the judge’s panel, the singer was abruptly fired from the show and replaced by Nicole Scherzinger.

In her new book, “Cheryl: My Story”, the singer revealed that what made her really angry about the firing was the fact that Simon Cowell didn’t have the guts to tell her himself-the news was delivered by Richard Holloway, executive producer of the show.

Cheryl wrote (as excerpted from The Sun):

“I can’t get over the fact that ‘big man’ Simon, the same guy that told me I had the job and told me ‘don’t wear that hair’ couldn’t tell me I didn’t have the job! The coward didn’t even have the guts to phone or send a message warning me what was coming.”

She continued:

“I was furious with Simon for letting it happen like this. I believed we had a good friendship and I couldn’t understand why he just hadn’t been straight with me… I wrote the longest text ever. I apologise about the bad language, but this is how he made me feel.”

The text, which was full of curse words, went like this:

“F*** you. F*** Britain’s Got Talent. F*** the orange and purple outfit. F*** big hair. F*** the UK X Factor. F*** you all. I hate you. I understand you’re a businessman, and what I’ve learned from this is that business means more to you than friendship. I’m sad it’s got like this and I wish you the best of luck, but count me out.”

Simon tried to talk to her and apologize, but by then Cheryl had decided to cut off all communication with him.

Many months later, when they finally had the chance to talk again, Cheryl revealed what Simon first said to her:

“Taking you off [“X Factor”] was the worst mistake I ever made and if I could have my time back, I wouldn’t do it again… I’m sorry.”

The two eventually patched things up after that, of course.

What do you think of Cheryl‘s reaction to getting fired?

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