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NICKI MINAJ wears leopard print nipple pasties in a new, racy topless selfie.

We hope your eyes can handle it:


Seriously, Nicki shows off her cleavage so much, it’s probably more recognizable than her face.

The “Starships” rapper added yet another series of topless photos to her Instagram page, and in the racy pics she sports leopard print, star-shaped nipple pasties and a collection of chunky gold necklaces while showing off her ample chest.


She captioned one of the pics:

“Should I add #Pasties to the Spring Collection????”

In case you’re wondering, the Spring Collection she’s talking about is her Kmart clothing line, which she launched earlier this week.

Photos Via Nicki Minaj‘s Instagram

HEIDI KLUM showed off her breasts and her toned abs in a new topless “selfie” that she posted on her Twitter this week.

Prepare to be a little shocked…

heidi klum toplesss

Okay, VERY shocked.

Just a little over a week after flashing her butt crack on her Instagram, Heidi Klum has gone back to flaunting her boobs during a recent beach trip, where she appears to have gone topless yet again.

In the new self-portrait that she uploaded on Tuesday, the German supermodel covers her nipples with just her left forearm while also showing off her bikini bottom, her sunkissed abs and a smiley face drawn out of sand and seashells.

Interestingly, Heidi captioned it with a simple:


Yep. We already are.

Check out the entire NSFW photo below:

heidi klum topless


Photos By PR Photos / Heidi Klum‘s Twitter

MILEY CYRUS poses without panties and shows off her nipples in a racy new photo shoot with photographer TERRY RICHARDSON.

tumblr mu28gx8RMU1qa42jro1 500

We already knew she hated bras and loved going commando, but wow…

As part of her intensely aggressive campaign to shock and outrage people, Miley Cyrus unveiled even more of her naked body for the world to see in a new racy photo shoot with the equally controversial Terry Richardson.

After rocking nipple pasties with a jaw-dropping fishnet dress at last week’s iHeartRadio music festival, the “Wrecking Ball” singer decided to go go even raunchier by flashing both her crotch and her nipples in some extremely revealing ensembles: a pair of black lace stockings, which she wore with NO panties underneath…

tumblr mu28dx8WQD1qa42jro1 500

…a sheer sweater that again showed her hatred of bras…

tumblr mu28dcDHee1qa42jro1 500

…and a red monokini that is obviously one false move away from completely exposing her lady parts…

tumblr mu29rtLyYh1qa42jro1 500

Yep. Miley‘s done it again.

For the uncensored versions of the photos, click HERE.

tumblr mu28dcDHee1qa42jro1 500 75x75

tumblr mu28gx8RMU1qa42jro1 500 75x75

tumblr mu29tl6NZE1qa42jro1 500 75x75

tumblr mu29rtLyYh1qa42jro1 500 75x75

tumblr mu28dx8WQD1qa42jro1 500 75x75

tumblr mu2af452oA1qa42jro1 500 75x75

tumblr mu2ae5ROLc1qa42jro1 500 75x75

tumblr mu29u6HGn81qa42jro1 500 75x75

tumblr mu3n4yIcLN1qa42jro1 500 75x75

Photos Via Terry Richardson‘s Diary

KYLIE JENNER went braless under a flimsy cropped top while out and about in Calabasas on Saturday.

MSA 008529

Though she only recently celebrated her 16th birthday, Kylie Jenner always seems to dress and act like she’s much, much older… doing things like sharing sexy bikini pictures and, apparently, leaving the house without her underwear.

Over the weekend, Kylie stepped out for a shopping trip in Calabasas while dressed in revealing outfit composed of a black cropped top, a high-waisted green and navy blue tartan miniskirt, and black boots.

And she was not wearing a bra underneath.

Click HERE for pics.

Do you think Kylie‘s too young to be walking around in public without her underwear?

Photo By PR Photos

MILEY CYRUS gave a very raunchy performance of her hit song “We Can’t Stop” at the 2013 MTV VMAs on Sunday.


Miley Cyrus has been displaying some rather wild behavior recently, but apparently that was just the tip of the iceberg. The 20-year-old superstar promised fans an eyebrow-raising performance at the MTV Video Music Awards with a raunchy promo video that was released earlier this month, and she certainly did not disappoint.

Dressed in a racy one-piece bodysuit with a teddy bear’s face printed on the front, Miley performed her controversial song “We Can’t Stop” on stage at the MTV VMAs with some giant bears (in reference to the dancing bears featured in the song’s equally controversial music video) and some bootylicious dancers.


As if the sexy costume wasn’t enough, Miley made her performance even racier by constantly sticking her tongue out in a suggestive manner and doing lots of raunchy dance moves, which of course included her favorite move… twerking.


What did you think of Miley‘s raunchy performance?

Photos Via Video Screen Grab

MILEY CYRUS twerked and grinded on ROBIN THICKE during their MTV VMAs performance of Robin‘s song, “Blurred Lines.”

Here’s a preview of what you’re in for:


Viewers may have raised their eyebrows at Miley‘s raunchy performance of her song “We Can’t Stop” at the MTV Video Music Awards, but the wild singer immediately outdid herself just moments later by doing an even raunchier performance of “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke.

After stripping down into a shiny nude bikini, Miley proceeded to sing “Blurred Lines” with Robin while rubbing her crotch (and Robin‘s crotch!) with a giant foam finger.

She also pretended to make out with Robin‘s neck, twerked a lot, and made suggestive, thrusting dance moves with the foam finger.


We told you it was wild.

Watch the video below, at the 3:08 mark:

Photos Via Video Screen Grab

LIL WAYNE raps about banging PARIS HILTON in their new collaborative dance track, according to the latest entertainment news.

Shocking… not.

AES 030423

Perhaps Lil Wayne really wants to do it with Paris Hilton, so much that he couldn’t help rapping about it in his new song with her.

The unlikely pair worked together on a pretty good electronic dance track–obviously the hotel heiress’-turned-aspiring deejay’s favorite genre–where the rapper referenced the hotel heiress’ infamous sex tape made it clear in the song that he would like to get into bed with her.

The lyrics went:

“Excuse my french, but f**k the cameras / I wanna spend a night in Paris.”

No, he wasn’t talking about the country.

Listen to the track below:

Photos By PR Photos

LADY GAGA stripped down to her underwear in a photo she recently shared to star news to talk about bulimia and anorexia.

Check her out:

lady gaga underwear

We’ve previously seen Lady Gaga show off a lot of skin in the disturbing promotional photo and equally haunting video teasers for her latest fragrance, “Fame,” and just recently, her nude photo shoot with Terry Richardson.

Now the pop star stripped down again… but this time, it was for herself and her fans.

Mother Monster, who recently gained 25 pounds and has always openly talked about the importance of being comfortable in your own natural skin, shared a photo of herself standing up with her eyes closed and wearing just her yellow underwear with blue ribbons.

In the caption, she wrote:

“[I’ve battled] bulimia and anorexia since I was 15.”

Pretty heavy, huh?

Nonetheless, the photo just goes to show that even pop stars who have been under unimaginable pressure throughout their lengthy careers can get through serious eating disorders.

What can you say about Gaga‘s weirdly inspirational photo and caption?

Photo Via Little Monsters

JANICE DICKINSON suddenly made out with the porn star, JAMES DEAN, in front of the paparazzi this weekend at the Chateau Marmont.


janice james pda3

In an obvious effort to look like a hot cougar, Janice was caught on video as she suddenly engaged in a sloppy make-out session with Lindsay Lohan‘s “The Canyons” co-star, adult movie actor James Deen, right before heading to her car outside the lux Chateau Marmont on Saturday night.

And yes, she was perfectly aware that the cameras were on them and that it would hit celebrity gossip websites.

Right before the gross PDA, the veteran former supermodel said to Deen:

“I love you so much.”

Before she climbs into her limo, she tells the paps:

“Breaking story!”

Oh, and she didn’t seem to know who Deen was, but she claims “he’s in love with me” because she’s “hot.”

Check out the video, if you dare:

Photos Via Video Screen Grab

MILEY CYRUS displayed her super tiny waist in her “fiance jeans,” star news has learned.

Looking good, Miley!

IHA 003609

Once again, Miley showed off her sexy, svelte figure-for which she credits Pilates and her gluten-free diet. The 20-year-old star took a break from wearing lingerie and donned a striped midriff shirt, which she matched with what could just be her fiance Liam Hemsworth‘s baggy pair of pants to expose her tiny, toned waist.

Another thing to look at: her and Liam‘s adorable pet dog, Ziggy!

The former Disney child star tweeted the mirror self-portrait to her almost 7 million Twitter followers, with the caption:

“My ‘Fiance’ jeans. but for real though.”

Do you like Miley‘s new figure or is she looking a little too thin?

Photos By PR Photos / Miley Cyrus‘s Twitter

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