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Amanda Bynes Starts Fire, Neighbor Talks

UPDATE 5:20 P.M. PST: Celebuzz was able to reach the owner of the property where Amanda Bynes started the small fire: “It was a surprise at first because I thought it could be a hate crime or arson. When I found out who it was I was actually a bit relieved,” said Bonnie Braatan. “How she picked my driveway and my house, I don’t know.”

Braatan, who was in bed at the time of fire, spoke with police who “indicated that she (Bynes) was probably under the influence of something,” she added.

Now, the Thousand Oaks resident is faced with the damage to her driveway and may legally go after Bynes for any repairs: “I have to see how bad the damage is,” she said.

Amanda Bynes sure knows how to draw a unwanted crowd.

Luckily, her fire-starting in Thousand Oaks, Calif. only caused damage to a concrete driveway, thanks to a fast-acting neighbor who witnessed the explosive incident, Celebuzz has learned.

“I was working in the garage on my car and I heard an accident, an explosion. Boom!” neighbor Bruno Corsi told Celebuzz.

“I went outside and saw a fire on my next door neighbor’s driveway. Then I saw a lot of young kids, they didn’t know what to do and were asking for a hose or something,” he added.

“A plastic container of gasoline was on fire. It was almost gone… it spilled all over so the fire was in four different spots.”

Corsi says he used an extinguisher to put out the fire before the police arrived. But he fears it could have been much worse for his home and others located on the 200 block of Avenida de Los Arboles near where Bynes grew up.

“Next to my house is a big fence with a bush and that could’ve caught on fire,” he said.

Corsi added during the commotion there were a handful of neighborhood kids “screaming” to call the police, so he didn’t see the actress (or even know who she was until it made headlines this morning.)

“The police asked me if I saw anyone run away and I didn’t see anyone. She wasn’t there, maybe,” said Corsi.

According to Thousand Oaks Sheriff’s Sgt. Eric Buschow, the 27-year-old former child star was contacted by police down the street away from the scene. It was then that authorities placed her under a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold for at least 72 hours.

It seems Bynes was busy getting into police run-ins last weekend, after was approached by authorities again in Thousand Oaks on Sunday outside a local retirement community after she allegedly tried to trespass, according to TMZ. Security accused her of being drunk and she eventually left in a taxi, which in true Bynes fashion also didn’t end well. The taxi driver reportedly kicked her out when she couldn’t pay for the ride: “Get me the f**k out of here,” she said. “I don’t have any money.” When she returned to the retirement home, police arrived, but she was not arrested.


Another day, another victory for Britney Spears.

After two weeks of voting, we are ready to announce that Britney has won the Battle of the Bikini Bodies! And when you consider her competition – Kate Upton, Jessica Alba, Holly Madison, and Coco – you realize what an incredible honor it is!

Are we surprised? No, we are not surprised. Britney recently won our 2013 Album Anticipation Showdown, and earlier this year, you voted her March Music Madness champion and crowned her the new Queen of Pop. What’s one more (virtual) trophy for the mantle?

Though we are not surprised, we are happy! Congratulations, Britney! More importantly: CONGRATULATIONS, BRITNEY ARMY! Because of you, that crown stays firmly glued to your Queen’s head.

The final tally is as pictured below:

Once again, congratulations to Britney! And a huge thank you to everyone who voted. Now, let’s all reward ourselves by going for a swim.

Thrilled with today’s results? Not-so-thrilled? Sound off in the comments below!


Welcome to Battle of the Bikini Bodies! Return each day this week for a new chance to vote for your favorite bikini body. Categories will include supermodels, musicians, actresses, and more. Next week, the winners of this week’s polls will go up against each other in the ultimate bikini body battle. So stay tuned – and return every day – for more sexy photos and new opportunities to vote!

Vote between Kate Upton, Candice Swanepoel, and Gisele Bundchen in the Supermodels category.

Vote between Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Beyonc in the Pop Stars category.

Vote between Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, and Hayden Panettiere in the Starlets category.

Vote below for your favorite reality star bikini body. The winner will advance to Round Two next week. If you need help making up your mind, check out our the galleries after the poll.

Need help making up your mind? Peruse the galleries below so you can make an informed decision.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Remember to vote for your favorite reality star bikini body above, and return tomorrow for another round of voting!

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Images via Kim Kardashian, Holly Madison, and Snooki.

iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 2 - Backstage

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when this photo was taken! Miley Cyrus, clad in fishnets and faux fur, meeting two of the funniest Kardashians?! I’m in heaven, and I wasn’t even there. But thanks to this new technology I like to call “photos,” it’s like I was there. Thank you, scientists. And thank you to everyone who submitted a caption for this photo. Please find a few of my favorites after the jump.

“Look, I’m wearing my favorite outfit from Kardashian Kollection!” – Sidney

“Miley: Hey Kourtney did you know that I can twerk?

Kourtney: Oh really?

Khlo : Miley stop.” – Jerriza

“Kourtney: I’m so devastated that my tongue can’t even stick out like yours

Miley: do the teeth exercises first like this!

Khloe: I can’t watch this.” – Afiqah

“Kourtney: you stuck you’re tounge where????” – Emma

“Miley: “Gaga gave me her hand-me-downs!”

Khloe: “Kourtney let’s go before somebody sees us with her!”” – Danielle

“kourtney: AND I thought WE had no filter.”- Mina

“You taught Penelope how to twerk?!” – Celina

Congrats to our winners! Visit our Facebook page for a new Caption Contest each and every weekday. It’s never too late to add a caption, so do so in the comments!

Welcome back to Celebuzz’s Most Iconic VMA Moments showdown. In anticipation of of the 2013 MTV VMA ceremony on August 25, we want you to help us name the most iconic VMA fashion moment ever. Last week, we asked you to vote for your favorite VMA performance. (Britney Spears’ 2001 performance of “I’m a Slave 4 U” won in that category.) This week, it’s all about the clothing (or lack thereof). Return each day this week for a new feature on each of our competing fashion statements. You may vote once per hour.

Is Lil’ Kim‘s “purple pasty” outfit the most iconic VMA fashion moment ever? Vote below, and read on for an in-depth look back at the rapper’s memorable appearance at the 1999 VMAs.

Lil’ Kim’s Purple Pasty: A Look Back at the Shocking Ensemble

Before anyone had heard the name Nicki Minaj, there was Lil’ Kim. A protege of The Notorious B.I.G., Kim achieved great success in the mid-to-late ’90s as a rapper and controversial figure. In 1999, more than three years after her debut album, Hard Core, dropped, Kim was gearing up to release her sophomore effort, The Notorious K.I.M. She showed up on the 1999 VMAs red carpet wearing what is undoubtedly one of the most memorable ensembles of all time. Notorious, indeed.

The outfit, designed by Kim’s stylist, Misa Hylton-Brim, is now almost 15-years-old, and we still haven’t forgotten it. At the time, Kim was well-known in the hip hop world for her sexually-charged raps and outrageous fashion choices. Dressing in head-to-toe purple would have turned heads regardless, but the fact that her left breast hung out, covered only by a sequined pasty in the shape of a shell, made Kim’s look the most talked-about thing of the evening. Or, to quote the lil’ woman herself: “T*tty out like WHA / I don’t give a F@#%!”

Of course, for all of the red carpet “OH MY GOD”s and “WTF”s caused by Kim’s outfit, the real shocker didn’t come until showtime. When Kim took the stage with Mary J. Blige and Diana Ross to present the award for Best Hip Hop Video, Diana reached over and jiggled Kim’s breast in front of the entire audience. Ladies and gentlemen, when music royalty feels you up on national television, you know you’ve made a truly outrageous – and iconic – fashion impression.

Don’t forget to cast your vote for the most iconic VMA outfit above. Again, you may vote once per hour. Return each day this week for a new feature on each of the outfits in our poll.

Miley Cyrus Stops To Say Hello To The Paparazzi

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHA – SORRY! I just “can’t stop” laughing about Miley Cyrus‘ new album title, because – HAAAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

It might not be a great album title, but it is a sausage. So there’s that.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter what I think, it matters what Miley thinks; she is the artist, and I am but a lowly blogger. Judging from this picture, Miley approves of her title choice. She has spoken, and that is the end of that.

And now, without further – AHAHAHAHAHASORRY! – delay, today’s winning captions:

“Who has two thumbs and is actually wearing panties today? Yup this girl.” – Jamie

“Cool story bro” – Erica

“Anyone having an identity crisis. Put your thumb up if you are.. Yep this girl is…” – Kristi

“Can someone PLEASE feed her a sandwich!? PLEASE?!” – Erinn

Congrats to our winners! Visit our Facebook page for a new Caption Contest each and every weekday.

Welcome back to Celebuzz’s Most Iconic VMA Moments showdown. In anticipation of of the 2013 MTV VMA ceremony on August 25, we want you to help us name the most iconic VMA fashion moment ever. Last week, we asked you to vote for your favorite VMA performance. (Britney Spears’ 2001 performance of “I’m a Slave 4 U” won in that category.) This week, it’s all about the clothing (or lack thereof). Return each day this week for a new feature on each of our competing fashion statements. You may vote once per hour.

Is Nicki Minaj‘s Harajuku Barbie outfit the most iconic VMA fashion moment ever? Vote below, and read on for a head-to-toe examination of Nicki’s infamous get-up.

Nicki Minaj Upstages Lady Gaga, Wears an Outfit Made of *Everything* to the 2011 VMAs

In 2011 – one year after the meat dress – Lady Gaga was the favorite to make the biggest “WTF” red carpet splash (again). And she did, in her way. Though for her, Jo Calderone is relatively toned down. Plus, we’d already seen “Jo” before, so ultimately, it wasn’t that shocking. So who was truly the most outrageous star of the night? Why, we’d have to say that the honor belongs to Nicki Minaj, who showed up wearing… well, everything but the kitchen sink. (Though the kitchen sink may, in fact, be there, hidden under layers of cotton, tulle, and metal.) To fully appreciate Nicki’s outrageous get-up, let us take a head-to-toe look at the ensemble. Let’s start with the braided cotton candy hair:

Moving down, we see Nicki has opted for the oh-so-in “surgical mask look.” (Or the “Scorpion look,” if you prefer.)

As we continue down, you will note that Nicki is wearing a chain around her neck and that the chain has a rather large ice cream cone attached to it. The structured bodice of her outfit appears to be made of metal, which comes together in pyramidal formations over her breasts. A reference to Madonna? Who can say, really?

Now, things get even tricker, if you can believe it, as we approach the lower half of the outfit. There appears to be some kind of tutu, several layers of tights, a garter. Nicki also plumped for socks, rather than for the ber-traditional shoes that most people wear when leaving the house. Of course, we can’t forget that, chained somewhere to her outfit, is some kind of Harajuku mace thing made of stuffed animals and the anxious nightmares of children around the world.

For good measure, here is the outfit in all of its glory. Love it or hate it, it happened, and you remember it. Don’t pretend like you’ve forgotten. And wasn’t that the point?

Don’t forget to cast your vote for the most iconic VMA outfit above. Again, you may vote once per hour. Return each day this week for a new feature on each of the outfits in our poll.

Read our feature on Lil’ Kim’s iconic purple pasty outfit from 1999.

Read our feature on Lady Gaga’s iconic meat dress from 2010.

Read our feature on Britney Spears’ iconic dominatrix get-up from 2002.


As you may have already seen from our exclusive sneak peek earlier this week, Thursday’s episode of NBC’s Community represents a provocative development in the relationship between Jeff (Joel McHale) and Annie (Alison Brie).

How does it happen? In part, guest star Tricia Helfer has something to do with it. Don’t worry, Jeff/Annie shippers, the Battlestar Galactica alum and Tron: Uprising voice actress assures us that her character, Lauren, is merely a catalyst in the developing romantic storyline as opposed to an interloper.

“Anything [coming] in between [Jeff and Annie] is taken badly,” Helfer tells Celebuzz. “But, I think that once the [fans] see the episode, they’ll realize that Jeff won’t be going down that route with Lauren anyway. I think Lauren will send out a bit of some crazy signals to Jeff.”

Thursday’s episode, “Convention of Time and Space,” finds the study group at a convention for the show’s Doctor Who-like series, “Inspector Spacetime.” And to Jeff’s chagrin, he finds out that he’s the spitting image of one of the series’ villains. That’s what attracts super fan Lauren to him.

CB! spoke with Helfer about her guest role, asked her to compare her leading men and found out some disturbing news about the future of Disney XD’s Tron: Uprising.

Celebuzz: What was the most memorable part of being on the set of Community?
Tricia Helfer: I just did a small, cameo role. It was really to get to work with Joel McHale. I had met him when I interviewed with him and did a little skit on The Soup. I think he’s talented and an extremely sweet and funny guy. I didn’t know any of the other castmembers going into it, so the most fun is just getting to work with another group of people.

CB: Any chance that your character will return?
TH: Not at this point. I certainly would. I think that it’s a fun show and a talented group of people, but I think Lauren was pretty specific to that episode considering the convention that they were at and that Lauren is a big fan of “Inspector Spacetime.” I don’t know if she’d fit in, but you never know!

CB: @AndreaKCC on Twitter wants to know, who’s hotter: Joel McHale or Battlestar Galactica’s Jamie Bamber?
THG: [Laughs] How can you compare the two? I don’t know, they’re both incredibly hot and sweet guys. I know Jamie Bamber better after working with him for five years, but think I’d have to say it’s a tie.

CB: You’ve attended a lot of fan conventions during your career. What’s your craziest experience from a convention?
TH:There have been times where one person gets a little too nervous or grabby or something. But on the whole, everyone’s just really pleasant and just wants to talk to you about the show. The Q&A sessions are what I enjoy the most, because you can talk to the fans directly about the show and things. But, sometimes you’ll just get somebody that’s a little bit too excited or they can’t even speak to you because they lose their ability because they’re so nervous or something. But, it’s fun at the same time.

CB: There’s some talk that Tron: Uprising won’t be renewed. Have you heard any news on whether the series will be coming back?
TH: To my knowledge, it’s not looking likely. I can’t say 100 percent. But when I filmed a couple weeks ago, my last session for this season, it was kind of eluded to that, yes, they weren’t coming back.

CB: You play the nonhuman role of The Grid. If the show does return, do you think that the role can evolve in any way?
TH: With those types of shows, yeah it could always evolve. You’re much more limited if you’re dealing with human beings or something. When I did Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, the video games, in ME2, I’m in the A.I., which is somewhat similar to The Grid. And in ME3, the A.I. gets a body and can go out on a mission, so you never know! I don’t really see it with the Grid, seeing that it’s kind of just the voice of the world, but you certainly never know.

Community airs Thursdays at 8PM on NBC.

How you feeling Jeff/Annie shippers? Tron: Uprising fans, are you bummed? Express yourselves below.

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Illustration by Gluekit



What happened with the reward money in the Wood case? »

Maywood Police Department's sordid past—and present »

Village power couple presides over municipal mess »

Email the writers:
Better Government Association's Robert Herguth and FOX Chicago's Dane Placko

Helene Wood sat anxiously on a love seat in Deb Sheppard’s “office,” a converted second-floor bedroom in a pleasant house just south of Denver. The room’s simple decor and burning candles created a soothing mood. Which was exactly what Helene needed.

Six weeks earlier, in October 2006, someone had murdered her husband of eight years. Tom Wood, 37, had just finished his shift as a police officer in Maywood, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. The only officer ever killed in the village’s 143-year history, he was riddled with bullets while sitting in his marked SUV on a dark residential street. The investigation that followed had yielded suspects but no arrests.

Helene, 36, a mother of five, was desperate for answers. While Tom was widely known as a good cop, Maywood was a high-crime place rife with municipal mismanagement; many officers were reputed to be heavy-handed and crooked. After getting no answers there, Helene had decided to consult Sheppard, a psychic medium who lived a short drive from one of Helene’s sisters in Colorado. With family roots in the Bayou, where, for many, the mystical world is intertwined with daily life, Helene felt comfortable seeking answers from Sheppard. She flew in just for the hourlong meeting.

When the session began, Helene placed a voice recorder on the table. Soon Sheppard, 46, who looked more like a suburban housewife than a communer with the dead, indicated that she had found Tom. Speaking haltingly, she conveyed tidbits of information she said she gleaned from him about the murder. The gun, for instance, did not belong to the shooter, she said. Another cop might have been involved, she added—a frightening possibility for Helene.

“I just want to know what happened,” Helene pleaded at one point, crying. “I know he loved me, but I just want to know . . . why was he so depressed? What was going on at work?”

In the months before Tom’s death, she said, when he wasn’t working the 3 to 11 p.m. shift at the police department or at his second job as a security guard at Proviso East High School, he had retreated from her and the kids. He spent hours holed up alone in the basement of their two-story Schiller Park home, in a space the family called the Cave, where he tinkered with computers and watched movies. And although Helene didn’t know it at the time, weeks before his murder he had quietly taken out a large life insurance policy on himself, payable to his family.

The dark mood, the lack of intimacy: Helene thought she knew what was going on. One night after waking to an empty bed, she found Tom sleeping in the Cave and asked, “Are you cheating on me?”

“There are some things going on at work,” he replied, reassuring her that he loved her.

In Sheppard’s home, Helene hoped to learn more about her husband’s death. But the psychic told her: “It’s not time to be completely revealed.”

In part because a cop killing is viewed as a particularly egregious crime, most such cases get solved quickly. According to the FBI, of the 48 law enforcement officers nationwide who were “feloniously killed” in the line of duty in 2006, only three cases remain unsolved. Tom Wood’s murder is one of them.

The police had no lack of suspects. There was the ex–Maywood cop who lived just a few doors down from the murder scene and had previously butted heads with Wood. There was the local troublemaker whose license plate Wood was looking up on his squad car computer just before bullets started flying. And police were told that two reputed gang members may have been in the area. Some in town also held the theory that Wood was killed by a fellow police officer. But no charges were ever filed.

Why? The nonprofit Better Government Association and FOX Chicago teamed up with Chicago to look into that question. We reviewed hundreds of documents and interviewed dozens of people, including Wood’s friends and relatives, current and former police and village officials, suspects, and gang members. When it became clear that Maywood officials were stalling in turning over public documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act, the BGA sued Maywood (which ultimately turned over some, but not all, records).

What emerges is a sobering tale about a problem-plagued investigation at best and a possible cover-up at worst. Top leadership appears to have paid so little attention to Wood’s murder in recent years that neither Maywood’s chief of police, Tim Curry, nor its mayor, Henderson Yarbrough, and other village officials could answer many basic questions. One ex–Maywood cop says: “It seems like they didn’t really want to solve it.” (For more on Yarbrough and his wife, state Rep. Karen Yarbrough, see "Village power couple presides over municipal mess").

* * *


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