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Celebrity gossip websites recently learned that JAMES FRANCO helped a young female fan get back at her ex-boyfriend with an adorable huggy pic with him for her to show off to all her friends on Facebook.


AES 092666

Franco‘s love life might not be at its peak right now, but apparently he’s still more than willing to help other people with their relationship troubles.

The Oscar winner, who was rumored to be dating his “Spring Breakers” co-star Ashley Benson for a while last year before she began dating her “Pretty Little Liars” co-star Tyler Blackburn, was nice enough to help 15-year-old Greta Pasqua (whose father owns the Beverly Hills residence where one of his photo shoots took place) get back at her ex-boyfriend by taking a very sweet photo with her.

So how exactly does a photo with an actor count as “getting back” at her ex? Well, apparently the heartbroken teen’s former boyfriend is a huge fan of James.

A source tells Us Weekly:

“[Greta] was really depressed because her boyfriend had just broken up with her… James caught wind of it and gave her a pep talk.”

The insider continues:

“He said, ‘Post it on Facebook and tell him to eat his heart out!’ Her ex is all of a sudden starting to think he made the wrong decision!”

Guess it worked!

See the photo HERE.

Wasn’t that nice of James?

According to the latest Hollywood news regarding CORY MONTEITH‘s shocking death (due to a lethal mix of alcohol and heroin), the police have officially concluded their investigation and have ruled the actor’s passing as an “accidental overdose.”

MTO 007115

Three days after Cory Monteith‘s shocking death on the 21st floor of the Fairmount Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver, results of his autopsy have been released and police investigation has officially been closed.

Just a few hours earlier, the British Columbia Coroner Service revealed that the “Glee” star, who just completed his rehab stint in April for drug addiction, suffered from “a mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and alcohol.” It has then left law enforcement officers to conclude that his cause of death was an “accidental overdose.”

The Vancouver police told reporters in a press conference on Tuesday afternoon:

“The results released by the coroners service support the findings of our investigators and their beliefs upon initial examination that there was no foul play and that this was an overdose and a tragic accident.”

One of the cops, Brian Montague, continued:

“It was pretty clear that there was no struggle, no evidence of foul play, and that there was evidence in the room that was consistent with drug use.”

Montague said they believe “when he took the heroin he was alone” and that Cory, who went back to his room at 2:15 a.m. after hanging out with friends, had been lifeless for hours before he was found.

What they found in the actor’s room remains undisclosed to the media, but it looks like it’s not much of an issue right now.

Although they’ve already conducted an interview-with two women and one man that Cory hung out with at bars before his death-they won’t be looking for the drug source “unless new information comes to light.”

The cop explained:

“There’s no law in Canada where we can request charges against someone who’s provided drugs to an individual. There’s an inherent risk when you’re using illicit drugs and there’s nothing in this situation that we can see that would cause us to pursue the investigation further.”

There you have it.

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The latest Hollywood news has learned that PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN has died of an apparent drug overdose on Sunday in New York.

LMK 050020

Everyone is still pretty shocked to hear that the Oscar-winning and multi-award nominated actor Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away over the weekend.

The “Catching Fire” star, who played Plutarch Heavensbee in the franchise, was reportedly found of an apparent drug overdose in a New York apartment on Sunday morning.

TMZ reports that authorities found “a needle in his arm,” almost 9 months after he checked himself into rehab for heroin addiction. Before which, he was said to have been clean for 23 years.

He was 46.

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Hollywood news has reported that JUSTIN BIEBER was flagged at customs last weekend.

PFR 0065222

Bieber left jail about two weeks ago but he is now experiencing the grave effects of his actions. After surrendering last week to the authorities in Toronto, the singer chartered a plane from Canada to attend Super Bowl. Since he now has a criminal record, his ride didn’t go smoothly as he’d like it to be.

He experienced his first bump on the way to Super Bowl when his plane was stopped at an airport at New York. When he got out of the plane, however, he encountered another bump at the customs.

The pop star was flagged because of his two pending criminal cases. He was finally cleared to enter the country after being questioned for five hours straight.

Wow, five hours is so long!

What can you say about this issue? Comment below!

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Entertainment news reveals that SCOTT EASTWOOD (son of CLINT EASTWOOD) is also in the running for the role of Christian Grey in the film adaptation of E.L. JAMES‘ “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

LMK 102534

Fans of the erotica novel are probably already aware that “Pacific Rim” star Charlie Hunnam was initially cast in the coveted role, but unexpectedly bowed out last week due to scheduling conflicts with his TV series, “Sons of Anarchy.” Due to this, a number of sexy young actors are now being considered for the recently vacated role.

Scott Eastwood, one of Hollywood’s newest hotties, is reportedly one of the contenders.

A source tells

“He is one of five actors being considered.”

While he may be one of the top picks, it looks as though the neophyte actor has yet to be approached by movie producers, because he tweeted earlier this week:

“What is all this talk about 50 shades of grey?? What do you all think?? Let me know. #hype #eastwoodlivin”

Hmm. Do you think he’d make a good Christian Grey?

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TAYLOR SWIFT has announced her first UK tour dates, according to entertainment news.

And we have the schedule here!

Taylor Swift Red Tour

Taylor Swift is bringing her successful “Red” tour to Europe after blowing her fans away in North America with tour buddy Ed Sheeran and a surprise appearance by Jennifer Lopez.

To kickstart her much-awaited string of concerts in her latest ex-boyfriend Harry Styles‘ homeland (we just had to say it!), the award-winning country songstress will be performing thrice in London’s famed O2 Arena, starting on February 1st in 2014.

Taylor Swift London Shows 2014

Check out her video announcement below:

Will you be catching Taylor at one of her London shows next year?

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Recent entertainment news reports that ELLEN DEGENERES has been named the “Most Likeable Woman In Hollywood” by a new survey.

AES 095602

With her hilarious talk show episodes and interesting line-up of famous guest stars, who wouldn’t love Ellen DeGeneres?

A iHeartRadio survey recently revealed what we already know, announcing that the comedic host has been voted the “Most Likeale Woman” in all of Hollywood.

DeGeneres‘ 13.4% beats Jennifer Lawrence, who got a reported 12.5 percent, as well as Emma Stone (13.4%), Natalie Portman (17.7%), Zooey Deschanel (8.5%) and Anna Kendrick (2.6%).

The survey also gave the title of “Song of the Summer” to Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” and “Best Actor/Actress Turned Musician” to Drake.

Do you think Ellen and the rest of the winners deserve their titles?

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According to the latest star news, LINDSAY LOHAN is planning to skip all the raging parties… to stay home on New Year’s Eve.

OMG, what?!

MTO 006510

Lindsay Lohan still doesn’t want to go to rehab-even though her father’s literally begging her to so that she can finally fix her out-of-control life-but that doesn’t mean she’s not trying to turn over a new leaf and leave her crazy party girl past behind her.

Apparently, the “Scary Movie 5” star has decided to start the incoming year right by staying away from wild parties and, most importantly, booze on New Year’s Eve… because she thinks it’ll help her avoid jail now that her probation has been revoked.

So what does she have planned for the biggest party night of the year?

TMZ reports:

LiLo‘s plans include a small, quiet dinner in London — where’s she’s visiting — and then it’s straight back to the hotel before the ball drops to chill with family and friends.”

Can’t believe it? Neither can we.

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Hollywood news reports CHARLIE SHEEN has been accused of texting the death threat, ”I’ll blow his head off”!

And knowing Charlie, him saying that doesn’t sound so impossible.

AES 046539

Has Charlie Sheen gone crazy again? According to the LAPD report filed on October 18 by a “former associate” against the “Two and a Half Men” reject, the man fears he will be murdered by Sheen and it’s all because the actor sent what appeared to be another death threat in a text message.

Soon after the ex-associates had a “bad falling out,” the accuser learned that a fired up Sheen had vented to a common female friend about him and texted her:

“I’ll blow his head off with my Super 90.”

And because the idea of the previously troubled actor with a huge shotgun and an enemy doesn’t sound good at all, law enforcement insiders are currently investigating the situation and are reportedly out to interview Charlie right away before things get out of hand.

As for who the accuser, a source close to Sheen told TMZ:

“The accuser is a dishonorably discharged military person with multiple probation violations who is trying to shake him down for money.”

Well, we’ll find out who’s telling the truth soon enough.

But who do you think is the crazy one here?

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The latest Hollywood news reports that PRINCE HARRY‘s presence triggered angry Talibans to attack the British Afghanistan base.

Oh my… They really do want the young Prince killed!

SPX 040288 1

Despite recent reports that British troops are not fearing the Taliban’s threat to kill Prince Harry as he serves 4-months in Afghanistan (currently as a “gunner” on an attack helicopter), it looks like the Taliban are keeping their word.

On Saturday, Taliban attacked the British base, killing two U.S. Marines and wounding several troops. Their reason? It was an anti-Islamic film that insulted Muhammad.

Oh, and also because the young royal, Capt. Harry Wales was there.

Taliban spokesman, Qari Youssef Ahmadi, told The Associated Press by telephone:

“We attacked that base because Prince Harry was also on it and so they can know our anger. Thousands more suicide attackers are ready to give up their lives for the sake of the Prophet.”

Fortunately, Prince Harry was a mile away from the area and was unharmed by the surprise overnight attack.

Maybe he can just go back to Vegas where he’s much safer (though hopefully very much naked)?

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