Taylor Swift Hailee Steinfeld Prabal Gurung Dress Romeo Juliet Premiere

Last night, I popped over to Arclight Hollywood for the premiere of Romeo & Juliet, masterfully retold by Julian Fellowes.

A Prabal Gurung-clad Hailee Steinfeld (who plays Juliet), Douglas Booth (Romeo), Ed Westwick (Tybalt) the adorable Kodi Smit-McPhee (Benvolio) were present and accounted for.

Most girls are lucky if they get to play Juliet in a high school play. Steinfeld is only 16, so I had to ask what it was like learning about William Shakespeare while playing one of his most famous characters on such a massive level.

“I was reading the book in school the same time we were filming the movie, so it was basically really my first time being introduced to Shakespeare,” Steinfeld told me. “Being able to just read these beautiful lines that he wrote and immerse myself in this world he created is incredible.”

I shant lie. Steinfeld’s British accent was convincing, and I was surprised to learn that she didn’t train beforehand.

Ah, then I met the Brits. Smit-McPhee also had the good fortune of being introduced to one of the saddest love stories of all time.

“I really did judge a book by its cover beforehand,” he admitted. “Every kid does. I didn’t want to read Shakespeare, but when I did (because I had to, for work), I really grew to appreciate it.”

Kait Weston penned the film’s theme song, “Til Death Do Us Part,” which is nine kinds of romantical – The very thing a tale this tragic needs.

“I wanted to write a song that every generation would love,” Weston explained to me. “The story was so beautiful, and the chemistry that Hailee and Douglas had was incredible.”

Speaking of Booth, would he rewrite Romeo & Juliet to save us all from the tragic ending?

“That would be nice, but it would kind of ruin the tragedy,” he said. “That would save a lot of pain, for sure.”

Oh yeah, Taylor Swift was there.