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Gta Cops

With GTA V on the verge of release, it’s a good time to look back at what could have been: at how the GTA universe might have panned out if Rockstar had followed through on some of their initial plans.

A lot of changes are fairly well known – such as the infamous cutting of the grenade launcher, or the dropped online multiplayer that should have been in GTA III and San Andreas – and others just weren’t all that evolutionary – like the planned presence of sharks in the water of GTA San Andreas, the use of the pool cue as a weapon in GTA IV, or the presence of the skateboard as a vehicle in San Andreas.

Some changes to the franchise have been rectified with GTA V, for instance, the proposed bus rides that were initially planned as part of GTA IV, complete with a schedule, will be part of GTA V. Quite why that has been included remains to be seen, but presumably Rockstar are keen to capture the Bus Anorak dollar as well as their usual audience.

But the most intriguing changes are those that almost completely altered the GTA franchise – elements that would have meant a different tone, or a different trajectory entirely – and it is those which will come into focus in this article.

Honourable Mention

Australia Hates Sexual Violence

Gta Hooker

If you were living in the merry old land of Oz around 2003, your experience of playing Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto III might well have been different to that of a European, or American – or in fact, anyone else around the world.

Because thanks to Australia’s notoriously strict Censorship Board, the game suffered some somewhat rare cuts, as the ACB decided that killing prostitutes after hiring them for some leisure time was “sexual violence.” That infamous element was subsequently cut from GTA III, and also Vice City, robbing Rockstar of one of their more colourful and off-kilter marketing techniques.

So an actual change that temporarily changed the history of GTA, at least in Australia – though not one that would have lost fans, or at least not the type of fans you’d actually want to play your game anyway…

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If you have even the slightest knowledge of the film industry, it’s increasingly apparent that a plethora of upcoming films are remakes of classics. The reasoning is a combination of multiple things too, but mostly stems from our economy which is not improving despite what the media says. We live in age where seeing just one movie at a theater can feel like some luxurious experience after factoring in how damn high prices have skyrocketed. And with your limited funds comes picking and choosing; sequels or remakes of classics you love, or something that you have never heard of that while it may be good, you can’t justify dropping $12 a ticket on.

This has unfortunately resulted in an ongoing death rattle for creativity in mainstream Hollywood. No movie, no matter how high on a pedestal it sits is untouchable from the grubby dollar sighted clutches of a modern facelift. Sometimes they’re admittedly awesome (David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) while most are disappointing garbage (cough Total Recall).

They rake in the cash though and aren’t going away, especially considering how many amazing movies there are left currently untouched. This list will detail 10 movies that you just know Hollywood will piss all over, and my highly educated, sometimes humorous predictions on how they’ll be desecrated. Remember, these are about 100 more films out there that should just be left alone too, so this list obviously doesn’t touch upon everything.

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The last few years have seen the return of science fiction cinema in a big way. Not since the early 80 s have there seemingly been so many sci-fi movies released in such a short time. Movies like Avatar have set box office records, and visionary directors such as Christopher Nolan, Alfonso Cuaron, and Guillermo Del Toro have turned to the genre as a way to tell their stories.

Although not as prevalent before about 2009, science fiction has been fairly well represented at the movies ever since the turn of the century, with the Star Wars prequels and The Matrix bringing more attention to the genre.

Even though many of the sci-fi movies released this year have been disappointing either critically or financially, there are many potentially fascinating examples of the genre left to come in the next few months and years.

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity has received significant pre-release buzz, celebrated cinematographer Wally Pfister’s directorial debut Transcendence comes out early next year with one of the most interesting plot ideas in quite a while, and Christopher Nolan’s potentially groundbreaking Interstellar looms over almost every movie coming out in 2014. Many other projects are sure to come out over the next few years, hopefully continuing sci-fi’s second golden age.

What constitutes science fiction is up for debate but generally, I would list the prerequisites as being something that either depicts a future society, advanced technology, or uses a technical or scientific idea as a springboard to tell a story.

For this list, movies that contained elements of science fiction, but primarily belonged to a different genre were not considered, which is why no superhero movies appear and great films such as The Prestige, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and The Fountain are not listed even though they are better than many of the movies on here.

20. Pitch Black


It’s cheap, derivative, uninspired, and certainly did not need an overblown sequel, but Pitch Black is one of the more underrated sci-fi films of the millennium so far.

When a cargo ship carrying the notorious criminal Riddick crashes on an uninhabited world, Vin Diesel’s hulking criminal escapes, much to the chagrin of the crew. However, after the dark secret of the planet is revealed, Riddick must join forces with the other survivors to have a chance at escaping the planet alive.

Pitch Black, while hardly a masterpiece, is a surprisingly clever film that has an unexpected number of ideas for what is essentially a B-movie. Vin Diesel plays the role he was born to as Riddick, a killer who shows no fear, empathy, or emotion, and the bleak landscape of the film sets just the right tone.

Sure, the special effects are pretty poor and there’s nothing particularly original about any aspect of it, but Pitch Black is a well executed, above average horror/action/sci-fi film that is just good enough to crack this list.

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Pulp Fiction

In the age of information as commodity, the internet is powered by the yearning of fans for any morsel of new information from their favourite films or video games, or celebrities, and the fourth wall that preserves the sanctity of fame and art is becoming thinner with every such release.

While directors like Bryan Singer clog up Twitter with production stills hinting at character inclusions and tiny plot details without anything really substantial behind them, fans are still trawling for new things to share from classic films, delving into archives for lost scenes, cuts and re-edits and anything they can show as a sign of their dedicated fandom.

The behind-the-scenes shot has become increasingly important in that context, and though we can gain some valuable insight from them when they reflect production, or hint at lost moments, there’s also a million candid behind-the-scenes shots that add very little to the film. On the contrary, these candids can rob iconic scenes of impact by letting fans see new, damaging perspectives, such as a villain letting the mask slip, or the horror monster being all too human.

And it is those shots that are collected in this article – they are candid shots from the sets of famous movies that completely compromise the tone of classic scenes…

Honourable Mention

Star Wars Chewy Perc

And why’s it only an honourable mention? Well, frankly, because the shot isn’t ruining anything. It gives a more human side to the cast, especially Chewy, and let’s be honest, nobody can be particularly shocked that the gigantic, testosterone dripping warrior hairball has certain needs.

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“Spend, spend, spend” has been the fans’ motto directed toward Arsene Wenger and the board during games at the Emirates.

And why? Well they were promised a lucrative transfer pot at the start of the summer and as of yet haven’t touched it- Mathieu Flamini and Yaya Sanogo have both come in on Bosman’s.

In addition, they have seen their fiercest local rivals Chelsea and Tottenham spend significantly on replenishing their squad ahead of this season.

And even if the Gunners cannot dwarf the 100 million spent by Tottenham, fans would like to see some serious cash being spent in order for top quality talent to be tempted to the Emirates having missed out on Gonzalo Higuain.

Time is running out however and Wenger faces the wrath of fans every time they lose for not being able to open the chequebook before tomorrow’s 11pm deadline

So, if Wenger doesn’t want to face this and endanger Arsenal’s season by idling away in the window and not being able to grab the talent that can help to maintain their record of being in the Champions League places ever since Wenger’s first full season in 1997-98.

Here we suggest 5 dream deadline day deals Arsenal must make.

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Let’s get one major thing straight to start off with: I am a female-oriented feminist. If you’re wondering what that means and how it will apply to the rest of this article, I will explain the way that I define it now. I know a lot of people in real life for whom feminism means putting men in their place and letting women come out on top. They say that this is the way the world should be because we have been oppressed as long as the world has existed.

This is male-oriented feminism and you see it a lot in chick flicks, romance novels and, heaven help us, Lifetime Television for Women. (In movies and TV, men are always turned on by this in the end, too, because what would feminism be if it weren’t just a little bit sexy?)

The way that I see it, female-oriented feminism means that I only believe men should be put in their place insofar as their role in society is respected. I believe that I have equal value in the roles that I am able to fill as a woman. I believe that an ideal society respects both genders on an equal level. And while I’m a misanthrope, I’m not a misandrist-I have days where I loathe mankind as a misanthrope, but I don’t hate men.

So. Now that the explanation is out of the way, welcome to this article. I’m sure that all of us can think of women in film and TV who kick undeniable butt. We’re here to celebrate them in the spirit of the fact that women ARE awesome. You can also argue that many if not all of these women can be respected from a male-oriented feminist point-of-view, but I’m approaching it from my version of feminism.

As usual, this sort of article is up to interpretation. I’m sure you have your own lists of cool female characters. I’m sure many of you are male-oriented feminists and that works for you. I’m sure I will hear from a couple of misogynists. This is my set of humble opinions and take it or leave it as you will.

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Media Image Ltd

Media Image Ltd

Everyone loves transfer deadline day – the money, the silliness, the head of Harry Redknapp poking out of a car window, there’s always something happening and its always entertaining. Yet over in North East, it’s very much been the tale of two cities – while Sunderland’s Paolo Di Canio continues to stuff his squad with a bus-load of foreigners while lambasting his current players, there’s been almost nothing happening at Newcastle United.

Yes, it’s a strange world, but it appears that for the moment, it’s all quiet on the Tyneside front. In fact, it’s the backroom staff that have made the biggest splash at St. James’ Park, with Joe Kinnear making a shock return as director of football and proceeding to generate bad press for the Mike Ashley regime. Ostensibly, his job appears to be working with manager Alan Pardew and chief scout Graham Carr and bring in decent signings. Yet aside from some tentative declarations of interest and swatting down a potential move for FC Twente’s centre-back Douglas, Kinnear has done surprisingly little.

However, if you combine the former Wimbledon boss’s erratic behaviour and the all-around silly season the transfer window seems to bring (I notice Ade Akinbiyi hasn’t been prized away from Colwyn Bay… yet), you’re looking at an explosive cocktail. Something’s going to have to give eventually in the North East, and they’re surely going to sign someone. As it stands, it’s just a question of who.

So with that in mind, I’ve drawn up a list of potential last-minute signings for the Magpies. Click ‘next’ to see who I’ve got in mind.

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Who loves Game Of Thrones? Hmmm? Yes, yes, I see you all there. Stop pushing and shoving, come on now, you don’t want to injure yourself. Also, please refrain from clawing desperately at screen at the mention of Series 4 or The Winds of Winter; or both! I can relate myself to all of you, all you lovely devotees, because I simply adore Game of Thrones.

Furthermore, I live in Northern Ireland, so close to the set and I’ve been to many of the filming locations and let me tell you, it is just heartwarming seeing the Mourne Mountains in such a big TV series. Anyway, I’m here to tell you about some theories which I’ve heard being thrown around the community and fan-base of this series. Whether it’s the TV show or the books, I thrive in the conditions of intertwining theories and possible outcomes which simply put butterflies in my stomach. This may give you the impression that I am too… engrossed in the adventures of the many houses of Westeros but I don’t care, I love it all. Anyway, let’s get started.

WARNING – Spoilers. While the first two theories require some knowledge of the series (Up to and including the third series or A Storm Of Swords: Steel and Snow just to be safe), the last three are my favourite and require a more in depth knowledge of the series only available in the books so far. So I warn you, don’t read numbers 3, 2 or 1 as that would be devastating to those who read it. Number one is quite amusing though, a little revenge for the North. Also, this is my opinion and I do not mean to disagree with yours.

Another WARNING (Well, more of an alert)-I may get a little in depth and will try to explain anything that is not understood. If I get too engrossed, stop me. Ok? Right then.

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The Devil And Daniel Johnson

Everyone likes a sad song. There comes a time in everybody’s life where the only thing they can think of doing is putting Coldplay’s The Scientist on full volume and wallowing in self-pity.

There’s an unspoken line in the sand however between acceptable melancholia that serves as a predictable musical accompaniment to a breakup, and all out hopelessness and despair caught in a 3 minute recording. Most normal people do not find enjoyment in the latter category of songs, and therefore do not seek them out. I am not one of these people. I have always been fascinated by how dark music can get. And, in researching this list, it seems that’s pretty darned dark.

5. Townes Van Zandt – Waiting ‘Round To Die

One of the most underrated songwriters of all time, Townes van Zandt plumbed the depths of human misery like no other. This, reportedly the first serious song he ever wrote, is a tune unrivalled in hopelessness.

A chronic depressive, alcoholic and drug user, Townes was the embodiment of the wandering country singer. Despite his prodigious song writing talent, he shunned any mainstream success in favour of a bohemian existence, travelling from town to town playing small venues and dive bars. While his other work carries hints of dry humour and moments of beauty, Waiting ‘Round To Die is Townes at his most unremittingly dark.

Bleakest moment: “Now I’m out of prison/I got me a friend at last/He don’t steal or cheat or drink or lie/His name’s codeine, he’s the nicest thing I’ve seen/And together we’re gunna wait around and die.”

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Tomb Raider1

You know what it’s like. You’re having a drink with some friends and the discussion falls to the evergreen topic of video games. You’re chatting about how the new GTA is probably going to cause another media stir and how it’s a crime that Bubsy hasn’t had a gritty remake yet, when suddenly one of your chums tells you that a friend of a friend got to some weird secret level in Splinter Cell where Sam Fisher morphs into a banana and the level suddenly becomes a giant Super Monkey Ball arena. Honestly, they say, it’s completely true – Dave said so.

Gaming is rife with these strange little urban legends that you know full well at some point you believed or you’re still convinced by. It’s those little stories that were whispered throughout the school playground and embedded into our fertile little brains, yet nobody had any real evidence for any of them. Here are 10 myths about gaming that you won’t believe people got suckered into…

10. The Sasquatch In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Gta San Andreas 1 600x300

It’s inevitable that in a sandbox game you are likely to get a bunch of rumours about hidden secrets and bizarre myths, but there is one in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that has really captured people’s imaginations. Gamers believed that Sasquatch – or Bigfoot – was hanging out in the forest, probably partying down with tiny woodland mammals and the occasional hippie. Despite the model for Sasquatch not existing in the game, this didn’t stop players from moseying around the woods hoping for a glimpse of the creature.

But it gets weirder. Just like in real life, there’s a vocal group of vehement believers in the San Andreas Bigfoot who post up supposed images of the hairy beast, often blurry to emulate the ‘real’ footage found.

Rockstar has actually come out and stated that Sasquatch isn’t in the game. However, as a nod to the widespread legend, the developer added a side mission on Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare where the player must kill Sasquatches.

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