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Halo 4 Pc 600x3001

The gaming world seemed to stand still last week until the eagerly anticipated GTA V was released on Tuesday.

One of the world’s biggest gaming series and 2013 s hottest game looks to be even bigger and better than we had expected; for a start, the map is absolutely huge, dwarfing the GTA IV map by comparison. GTA IV has to date sold over 25M copies, with its successor already set to smash that figure to pieces (the game made $800 million in 24 hours).

The usual GTA thrills and spills combined with a gripping story and much improved game-play make GTA V a boss’ worst nightmare! I can only imagine the number of workers who called in sick on the day of its release so they could play the game!

So, with that in mind, I have compiled a list of 9 other games that had everyone reaching for the phone and practicing their sick voice on the day of their release.

9. Assassin’s Creed II

Assassin S Creed Theme For Psvita Image04 By Pr1me E1gh7 D5z97su

Personal Rating: 8/10

The Assassin’s Creed games are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they are certainly different and hugely popular amongst their fans. The first game in the series, released by Ubisoft, successfully combined action and story, thus steering it away from the usual button bashing formula.

The intricate detail of the plot sees Desmond Miles fight past evils as he relives his genetic memories in order to combat his modern day situation. It can be quite confusing at times and is certainly not a game for those who just want to “pick up and play”.

After the first game had set the scene and tested the water with gamers, Assassins Creed II, released in November 2009, was built up to be a big hit. Although it will never appeal to the widest audience, the second game in this series, and my personal favourite, was definitely a reason to call in sick to work for die hard gamers!

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Gta Cops

With GTA V on the verge of release, it’s a good time to look back at what could have been: at how the GTA universe might have panned out if Rockstar had followed through on some of their initial plans.

A lot of changes are fairly well known – such as the infamous cutting of the grenade launcher, or the dropped online multiplayer that should have been in GTA III and San Andreas – and others just weren’t all that evolutionary – like the planned presence of sharks in the water of GTA San Andreas, the use of the pool cue as a weapon in GTA IV, or the presence of the skateboard as a vehicle in San Andreas.

Some changes to the franchise have been rectified with GTA V, for instance, the proposed bus rides that were initially planned as part of GTA IV, complete with a schedule, will be part of GTA V. Quite why that has been included remains to be seen, but presumably Rockstar are keen to capture the Bus Anorak dollar as well as their usual audience.

But the most intriguing changes are those that almost completely altered the GTA franchise – elements that would have meant a different tone, or a different trajectory entirely – and it is those which will come into focus in this article.

Honourable Mention

Australia Hates Sexual Violence

Gta Hooker

If you were living in the merry old land of Oz around 2003, your experience of playing Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto III might well have been different to that of a European, or American – or in fact, anyone else around the world.

Because thanks to Australia’s notoriously strict Censorship Board, the game suffered some somewhat rare cuts, as the ACB decided that killing prostitutes after hiring them for some leisure time was “sexual violence.” That infamous element was subsequently cut from GTA III, and also Vice City, robbing Rockstar of one of their more colourful and off-kilter marketing techniques.

So an actual change that temporarily changed the history of GTA, at least in Australia – though not one that would have lost fans, or at least not the type of fans you’d actually want to play your game anyway…

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Tomb Raider1

You know what it’s like. You’re having a drink with some friends and the discussion falls to the evergreen topic of video games. You’re chatting about how the new GTA is probably going to cause another media stir and how it’s a crime that Bubsy hasn’t had a gritty remake yet, when suddenly one of your chums tells you that a friend of a friend got to some weird secret level in Splinter Cell where Sam Fisher morphs into a banana and the level suddenly becomes a giant Super Monkey Ball arena. Honestly, they say, it’s completely true – Dave said so.

Gaming is rife with these strange little urban legends that you know full well at some point you believed or you’re still convinced by. It’s those little stories that were whispered throughout the school playground and embedded into our fertile little brains, yet nobody had any real evidence for any of them. Here are 10 myths about gaming that you won’t believe people got suckered into…

10. The Sasquatch In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Gta San Andreas 1 600x300

It’s inevitable that in a sandbox game you are likely to get a bunch of rumours about hidden secrets and bizarre myths, but there is one in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that has really captured people’s imaginations. Gamers believed that Sasquatch – or Bigfoot – was hanging out in the forest, probably partying down with tiny woodland mammals and the occasional hippie. Despite the model for Sasquatch not existing in the game, this didn’t stop players from moseying around the woods hoping for a glimpse of the creature.

But it gets weirder. Just like in real life, there’s a vocal group of vehement believers in the San Andreas Bigfoot who post up supposed images of the hairy beast, often blurry to emulate the ‘real’ footage found.

Rockstar has actually come out and stated that Sasquatch isn’t in the game. However, as a nod to the widespread legend, the developer added a side mission on Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare where the player must kill Sasquatches.

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It is coming down to the final couple of weeks before the end of the North American LCS season, and currently, one team has secured first place for the season, a first week bye in the playoffs, and a spot in the Season 4 Spring Split. That team is the ever dominating Cloud Nine. Team Vulcun has a good grasp for the other first week bye unless they lose all of their games on Super Week #2.

With Velocity eSports mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, there are seven teams vying for six playoff spots. With so much competition for the last four spots, Super Week (Week 9) will be extremely interesting to watch.

1. Cloud Nine (21-2)

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine has clinched the #1 seed for the playoffs, secured a first round bye in the playoffs, and saved themselves a spot in the Season 4 Spring Split. Communication is key for Cloud Nine, as they tied the total number of wins that front runner TSM Snapdragon received at the end of the regular season of last split. They continue to employ amazing strategies and near perfect teamwork to completely dominate all possible competition. And the scariest part about it is that they may have a few more strategies in their back pocket. Maybe they will reveal one of these in Super Week. They went 3-0 this week, beating a struggling Velocity eSports team, a struggling Team Curse, and an adequate Team Dignitas.

Top lane player Balls did not have one of his better weeks, but his 8/1/10 Shen against Team Dignitas was stellar. Mid lane player Hai continues to improve his performance throughout the split (if that’s possible) with an 8/7/8 performance on Zed against Team Dignitas, a 6/1/6 game on Kassadin against Team Curse, and a 6/3/12 game on Jayce against Velocity eSports. Jungler Meteos is the best in the North American LCS. He died only once with an overall KDA of 10/1/31 for the week, playing Nasus and Zac. AD carry Sneaky also plays well in any situation, whether he plays on Twitch (6/5/7 against Team Dignitas) or Ashe (8/2/17 in two games). Support LemonNation is one of the better supports in the North American LCS; he helps Sneaky win the tough battles. My only criticism of LemonNation is that he does get caught during bottom lane versus top & jungler but not often.

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Given the sheer number of Final Fantasy articles that I’ve written in the past, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to ascertain that I’m something of a fan, holding the opinion that it is the greatest gaming franchise ever created.

Square are not a one-trick pony, however, and several of the other properties that they have developed or co-developed over the years, though not as well-known as Final Fantasy, are comparable in terms of scope and quality. Several such games and franchises are featured over the next few pages, and each is certainly worth playing if you haven’t experienced them before.

This list does not include any of the following:

  • Any game that is merely published, and not wholly or co-developed by Square, such as Breath Of Fire.
  • Entries from any series originally created and developed by Enix prior to their merger with Square in 2003, such as Dragon Quest or Star Ocean.
  • Entries from any series originally published/developed by Taito or Eidos prior to their acquisitions by Square-Enix, such as Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Legacy Of Kain and Hitman.

Honourable Mention #1 – Final Fantasy Tactics


Excluded purely because it does actually feature the word ‘Final Fantasy’ in the title, Final Fantasy Tactics is a turn-based RPG similar in style to Quest’s Tactics Ogre series. Featuring grid-based combat and significant number crunching, it is much more strategic than the other games that share its name.

Its storyline, meanwhile, is nothing short of epic, and is comparable to George R.R Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire (the first book of which, A Game Of Thrones, was released a year before the games original release) as lead character Ramza and his companions are exposed to a host of morally dubious individuals, beings and groups that vie for political control of the seven kingdoms of the nation of Ivalice.

Remade and enhanced for the PSP (with the subtitle ‘The War Of The Lions’), the game is one of the most underrated of all time, and given its availability on iOS and Android mobile phones, there really is no excuse not to check it out.

Honourable Mention #2 – Racing Lagoon


Throughout the years, games developers have introduced RPG elements to a whole host of titles and genres. You’ll be very hard pressed, however, to find many racing RPGs.

That’s exactly what Square created in 1999 with Racing Lagoon though. A Japan-only release, the game wasn’t exactly well-received, but the sheer uniqueness of a driving game involving quests and the ability to win parts and customise cars by defeating opponents warrants a mention on this list.

The game was voted 45th in a poll for the most wanted sequels by Japanese magazine Famitsu. Such a title could definitely work in the contemporary market if high emphasis was placed on ensuring a high level of overall quality.

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There’s nothing really more unsatisfying than playing through a game, hurtling through a great ride and then being smacked in the face squarely with the great fish of cr*p Endings.

Such is even more true of a franchise’s climactic moments – these are, after all, experiences we’ve played with through multiple games, speculating endlessly on where its all going and how it’ll all tie up in the end. Throw in actual choices that mould the gameplay, and then you’ve ended up with a big pot full of potential anger.

Unfortunately, this happens. For every game that’s had a marvelous ending, there’s been many a game in the past that’s had a hell of a pathetic finish. But what could have been done to fix these hideous blemishes on a game’s narrative? Was it even saveable? Let us speculate on what we could have done to fix these horrible storyline missteps.

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Gta V New Images

With the shiny next generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 coming out toward the end of the month, so marks the passing of another era for the Grand Theft Auto series.

There have been three canonical universes in the long-running Rockstar Games franchise, from the 2D universe introduced back in 1997 featuring top down graphics of Liberty City, through to the HD universe we all know today.

With the release of a new console comes the improvement in technology and, ergo, ability for developers to churn out more sophisticated video games.

The GTA series has come a long way, for example, since ‘Grand Theft Auto 1 , and one only needs to look at the above image to see that.

Starting on the original PlayStation, the GTA series began with the crude Grand Theft Auto 1, GTA London 1961, GTA London 1969 and finally Grand Theft Auto 2 before the PS2 era ushered in the groundbreaking, 3D GTA III.

In the so-called 3D universe, fans were also treated to such hits as GTA Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories, before the HD universe spawned the release of GTA IV and, recently, V.

And, with next generation machines looming on the horizon, we can’t help but wonder what lies in store for the franchise when Rockstar finally make their debut on the new consoles with an exciting fourth GTA universe.

To celebrate these possibilities, here, we take a look back on the series so far and bring to you 10 Iconic Moments That Defined Grand Theft Auto.

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Sin City

Last year, the long-overlooked game studio Telltale Games surprised the entire world by taking the Walking Dead comic book and turning it into a surprising masterwork of a game, littered with great moral choices and stuffed to the brim with memorable characters. And, if the first chapter of their new game The Wolf Among Us, adapted from the comic series Fables, is any indication, they’re about to do it all over again.

So why stop there?

A sequel to The Walking Dead is already in the works, but here are seven more suggestions of great comic book series that Telltale Games should consider adapting.

7. V For Vendetta

V For Vendetta

V already got the feature film treatment, and a pretty decent one at that, but there’s still so much more that can be done with one lone freedom fighter’s question to topple a fascist regime.

You could retell the story of V, this time putting the player in his shoes and letting us decide how far is too far and at what cost freedom must come.

Or, perhaps we could be in the shoes of Evey, a woman unwittingly pulled into this world of domestic terrorism. It’s possible that her choices to either support or rebuke V would be even more compelling than playing as V himself. Either way, there’s a lot of juicy material to be mined from this scenario that could be done with aplomb by Telltale.

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Dark Souls

It’s probably safe to say that the main emotion associated with Dark Souls is rage. Or maybe, frustration would be a better way to put it. Frustration, not only because of the countless times we were sent back to those damn bonfires, but also because of the way we were left constantly scratching our heads in a state of ambivalence: Why does that character go there? What’s that item doing here? Why does that big ass wolf have a sword in its mouth? These were among the many questions that used to be asked often. In more recent times, however, the community has excavated its way through the depth of dark secrets that this game hides, and we now have a pretty good idea of what the hell is going on. We may have shot ourselves in the foot.

The phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’ applies nicely to this game. Dialogue, cut-scenes, item description and item placement offer clues which have been scoured for answers – some of which pertain to some of the saddest stories of this genre. What Dark Souls does so well is craft these stories with a subtle elegance that allows the player to piece together the untold parts, until they eventually find a revelation. More often than not, this revelation emits tragedy. If you’ve put enough hours into the game you should be aware of this, and have perhaps lamented some of the despair as being product of your own un-witting instigation. In other words, this game makes you feel like an a**hole.

(Please note: I do not claim to be the sole discoverer of all this knowledge. This is a collective work of discovery and interpretation by the committed Dark Souls community, and whilst most of the info here is based on in-game given facts, some factors are down to personal opinion.)

Let’s take a look back at some of the moments in Dark Souls that are iconically heart-breaking, beginning with…

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Gta V Cash

Rockstar have announced that two blocks of $250k of cash would be put into users virtual accounts as compensation for GTA Online’s teething problems. The compensation, known as the ‘Stimulus Package’, should start appearing as soon as next week.

There have been huge volumes of problems with GTA Online since its launch on October 1st with many gamers losing Money, Cars, Properties and above all progress.

My personal experience is all of the above mentioned. I lost my car, which I wasn’t too bothered about, then mission cash, then my 2 garages, and then my level 20 progress as well as remaining stuck in the tutorial race, where you race Lemar.

But Rockstar is still patching (with its 4th announced) and continually updating its users with blog posts which is more than what can be said about other games companies, something which we can all be happy about. And by taking the consumers’ feedback it can be the best online experience in years for games, with the addition of more missions, races and deathmatches. With the heists yet to even be added.

In order to keep the current worldwide in-game economy balanced, Rockstar will be providing this GTA $ to players via two deposits of $250,000. They will announce the specific dates as soon as possible, but are currently hoping to be able to make the first deposit by the end of next week (after confirming that issues causing game progress loss have been fixed by a new game patch for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) with the second installment to happen by the end of the month. For players who experienced cloud server errors, connection issues, and lost game progress and characters in these first days of GTA Online, The GTA$ will help to facilitate a fresh start and make continued life in Los Santos and Blaine County extra sweet.

There are a few conditions you need to meet to be granted your $500k cash.

You must play or have played Grand Theft Auto Online at any time during the month of October 2013 in order to qualify for the GTA $500,000 deposit in your in-game bank account.

Players will first have to install a forthcoming GTAV title update which we expect to happen next week. That title update (1.04) is expected to fix the remaining instances of issues that have caused vehicle purchase loss and will also enable the functionality through which we’ll be providing this GTA $ stimulus cash to players.

Rockstar will announce on NewsWire when the deposits have been made.

What will you be spending your cash on? Do you think that $500k is enough compensation for the problems? Leave a Comment below!

Personally I’ll be buying everything that I possibly can, starting with my 2 garages, my kitted out car and my apartment.

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