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Here is your first look at The Monuments Men, the latest from writer-director-everything else George Clooney, about a platoon tasked with recovering art stolen by the Nazis during World War II. Sounds serious, right? Well, not really; the trailer suggests this one might actually be a bit of fun. (Think Oceans 11 meets Inglorious Basterds, with a touch of Bill Murray.) Basically, it’s probably going to get a bunch of Oscar nominations, so adjust accordingly.

The Monuments Men opens December 18.

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Kate Upton revealed this week that she felt “terrible” after appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Issue, and she also had some choice words to say to those who objectify her.

Lady Gaga shared her love of meditation, forests, and nudity in her strangest video yet.

And the trailer for George Clooney’s newest film, The Monuments Men, was released this week.

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Warner Bros. has released an exhilarating new single-take trailer for Alfonso Cuaron’s hugely-anticipated sci-fi film Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, one which has caused the film to go trending on Twitter today, as the hype around the potential Best Picture Oscar nominee continues to build.

The clip sees Dr. Ryan Stone (Bullock) getting into a spot of trouble after the module she’s repairing appears to break apart before her very eyes, while veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney) tries to keep her calm. The clip ends with Stone being sent careening off into space, leaving us wondering exactly how on Earth (or not, as is the case) she can possibly be saved.

While the plot synopsis states that the pair end up tethering themselves together as they spiral out into space, it’s hard to see how Kowalsky is going to be able to grab onto Stone, and that is the beauty of this intense, enigmatic trailer.

What it also demonstrates is not just the fluidity of Cuaron’s superb knack for controlled, single-take sequences, but also the astonishing standard of the visual effects necessary for a film like this to work. Though the usual net nerds have been dissecting the trailer and scrutinising the CGI, there’s no doubt that Cuaron is going to deliver a stunning spectacle and one quite unlike anything we have ever seen.

Gravity opens in the US on October 4th and in the UK on October 18th.

What do you make of the new trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sandra Bullock and George Clooney – now that would be a fantastic Hollywood power couple, right?

No thanks, says Bullock.

On Friday, the 49-year-old actress dropped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to promote her new film Gravity. The topic of romance and Clooney, her longtime friend and Gravity co-star, came up, naturally.

“We’ve known each other for a while . . . I think we’re probably the only two that haven’t dated in the business,” she told Jay Leno.

“I think it’s probably because we’re a little too similar, in all the disturbing ways.”

Gravity opens in theaters Oct. 4. Check out the rest of Bullock’s chat with Leno, below.

Venice Film Festival George is also Single Film Festival George, following his split from Stacy Keibler.

George: YOU’RE SINGLE NOW. Put the pepper back in that salt, stat.

Celebrity Blabbermouth: Adelia Zeidler

If you’re scratching your head asking, “Who the heck is Adelia Zeidler?” Well, she’s actually related to one of the most famous silver-haired leading men on the silver screen.

And she’s single-handedly crushed the hearts of females all around the world.

Yes, her little bro is perpetual bachelor/heartthrob George Clooney.

Zeidler opened her mouth to the New York Daily News last November and in one fell swoop revealed what we all heard for years but never wanted to believe was true.

“I would say he probably will not get married. If I had to guess I would have to say ‘no,'” she gushed.

“If he was going to get married he would want to be a husband and be somebody who would be there, who would have the time and the ability to focus on the family and the home and all of that,” she added. “And in the business that he is in, he has to be able to get up and go. The majority of actors don’t really make their marriages work.”

As for kids, yep, they’re out of the question, too.

“If he had children, when he was with them, he would be concerned about his career and if he was working he would be concerned about the children,” Zeidler added. “And he doesn’t think it would be fair to split his focus.”

Well, the bookkeeper from Augusta, Kentucky may not have a future in Tinseltown, but she certainly has a career as a psychic, given that Clooney and Stacy Keibler broke up in July after the good ol’ two-year try.

But it isn’t all that bad. She didn’t totally out her bro (well, I take that back.)

Ladies, she says he’s not gay.

“That’s quite ridiculous, we don’t even listen when people say things like that anymore,” she said.


The funny thing is, Ada (as she likes to be called) certainly has a lot to say for someone who didn’t even know her sibling walked down the aisle the first time until after he tied the knot to Talia Balsam in 1989. She also admits they usually only talk via email, she only sees him once a year, the last time she visited Hollywood was seven years ago, and she doesn’t even have his phone number.

And we can see why.

When CB! contacted Zeidler she said she doesn’t talk about her brother… hmmm…

So we’ll leave you with this:

“I just generally keep him up with what’s going on in my life,” she told the NYDN. “I don’t generally ask him what’s going on in his life because I don’t want to accidentally say something that I shouldn’t.”

Oops. Too late for that.

downey jrs

There are some movie careers which are very clearly marked out from the open scene – Leonardo DiCaprio, for instance, was always a combination of too handsome and too talented not to make it to the very top of the film industry. Yet, just one generation before him, the same could easily have been said of a young Mickey Rourke who, after thrilling in Diner and Rumble Fish, quit the acting scene to become a professional boxer and struggled for years to reclaim his rightful place in Hollywood.

Likewise, there are an array of established actors now who, at one point, looked like they were never going to make it. Jack Nicholson, a man so ingrained into Hollywood’s folklore, it’s almost impossible to imagine a time before, struggled for other a decade trying to make it, even pursuing writing screenplays for The Monkees. Michael Douglas, another member of Hollywood royalty, floundered for years until the 80s came and the Oscar winning producer finally became a star in his own right.

For every inevitable success or failure in Hollywood, there are those careers which don’t go in the straight paths we imagine – those who climb the heights or fall out of favour due to bad career choices or a dose of lucky serendipity, those who sidestep the conventional ways of thinking and those who make decisions which flummox us all. This article examines these very same paths and looks at 10 movie career twists no one saw coming.

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