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You know what it’s like. You’re having a drink with some friends and the discussion falls to the evergreen topic of video games. You’re chatting about how the new GTA is probably going to cause another media stir and how it’s a crime that Bubsy hasn’t had a gritty remake yet, when suddenly one of your chums tells you that a friend of a friend got to some weird secret level in Splinter Cell where Sam Fisher morphs into a banana and the level suddenly becomes a giant Super Monkey Ball arena. Honestly, they say, it’s completely true – Dave said so.

Gaming is rife with these strange little urban legends that you know full well at some point you believed or you’re still convinced by. It’s those little stories that were whispered throughout the school playground and embedded into our fertile little brains, yet nobody had any real evidence for any of them. Here are 10 myths about gaming that you won’t believe people got suckered into…

10. The Sasquatch In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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It’s inevitable that in a sandbox game you are likely to get a bunch of rumours about hidden secrets and bizarre myths, but there is one in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that has really captured people’s imaginations. Gamers believed that Sasquatch – or Bigfoot – was hanging out in the forest, probably partying down with tiny woodland mammals and the occasional hippie. Despite the model for Sasquatch not existing in the game, this didn’t stop players from moseying around the woods hoping for a glimpse of the creature.

But it gets weirder. Just like in real life, there’s a vocal group of vehement believers in the San Andreas Bigfoot who post up supposed images of the hairy beast, often blurry to emulate the ‘real’ footage found.

Rockstar has actually come out and stated that Sasquatch isn’t in the game. However, as a nod to the widespread legend, the developer added a side mission on Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare where the player must kill Sasquatches.

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Many times you and I have been playing Grand Theft Auto, having fun in sadistic ways while occasionally plowing through some story missions. Sometimes though, you reach a mission that stumps you profusely and places you at an impasse. Most of the time the game is just asking for a ridiculous and illogical amount of luck and skill. These missions may have stumped us for an hour, a day, maybe a week, months, or in some cases eternally. If one of the missions on this list was actually required to progress in San Andreas I would have never beaten the game.

With that said, every mission selected here just evokes one massive sigh of relief upon the initial shock of success that it’s simultaneously exhausting. This list will surely incite nightmares you thought you were rid of and have you reminiscing about shattered controllers and an onslaught of curse words slung at your television. It will also prepare you for those same inevitable situations this September when Grand Theft Auto 5 releases.

Spoilers are present

10. Wrong Side Of The Tracks


Game: San Andreas

Objective: All you have to do is follow a train! No seriously, that’s all this mission boils down too yet remains one of the hardest Grand Theft Auto missions in history despite being basic in design. We are starting this list off with a prime example of illogical and broken difficulty.

Why is it hard: Big Smoke rides with you on a motorcycle to cap some fools. I do not remember who or why but realistically no one does. All the world knows is that the A.I programmed into Big Smoke for drive-bying enemies that are standing on a train in a stationery position is abysmally pathetic. You can be behind the train, parallel to the train, on higher ground, or literally on the train, and it will not matter. This mission is illogically hard due to horrible programming and there is nothing the player can do to secure success other than start believing in a higher power and pray that whenever Big Smoke actually pulls the trigger on his Uzi, you receive a miracle and he actually connects with someone.

The absolute and unequivocal slap in the face comes whenever you fail the mission. Big Smoke will literally whine that you were not following the train when you probably were. You were most likely swearing at him from the top of your lungs for him to finally hit someone.

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