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December is upon us and once again it’s acceptable to get yourself all festive and excited for the holidays. The Christmas songs have started on the radio and every other advert has Santa in it somewhere. Although the shopping can be a killer, all in all it’s a truly magical time where love and capitalism meet in harmony.

Sometimes it can get a bit too much though and you’re left feeling a bit put off. I’m here to tell you that there’s an easy way to combat this negativity: cartoons. More specifically I’m referring to the Christmas specials of your favourite animated shows and I thought I’d provide a public service by gathering some of the best here.

Looking back over the years I’ve picked out festive episodes from a wide variety of cartoons ranging from the heart-warming to the hilarious. What’s a better way to keep warm in the winter months than some good old fashioned televisual nostalgia?

So without further ado, I present twelve of the best animated Christmas specials for getting you in the holiday spirit…

If you’re worried about finding out festive plot points there are SPOILERS ahead.

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That classic ’90 s Nickelodeon cartoon, Hey Arnold. The height of childhood innocence, a story of a boy and a group of his school friends, it delves into the world of playground bullies and name-calling, schoolgirl crushes, but usually nothing more serious than that. Or so it seemed at first viewing.

If you re-watch it as an adult now, however, you’ll be shocked to learn some of the hidden gems within the show.

At this point we give a shout out to none other than Hitler for the cameo in the show. No, we’re deadly serious:

Hey Hitler

As a kid, you probably watched the show and didn’t have a clue who this was portraying, at least not to the extent you do now. Throughout are some more innuendos, references and hidden images from a cartoon masterpiece of our childhood that might just make you look back differently upon your early years… or you know, you might just chuckle at them like I did.

Click “next” below to begin…

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