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Hugh Jackman's NYC condo

Hugh Jackman has got that triple threat thing down.

Especially since he’s acting, singing and dancing all the way to the bank – and has so much stored away for a rainy day that he plunked down $25 million to live in the Big Apple’s lap of luxury.

In this edition of Real Estate Rewind, we’re going back to 2008 when the Aussie hunk moved into this massive modernist real estate masterpiece designed by internationally acclaimed architect Richard Meier.

And Celebuzz can give you a glimpse at the inside photos.

The 11,000 square foot, 3-level condo in the artsy enclave of the West Village was previously owned by billionaire Sun Microsystems co-founder Bill Joy, who put it on the market for a whopping $40 million, then $33 million, until the Prisoners star snagged it for a steal (but still staggering) $25M.

And it’s only the very best for the superstar. The 5-bedroom spread is the largest in the building and is filled to the crown moldings with dramatic details – from expansive views of the Hudson River and 3 terraces to huge double-height ceilings and swirling staircase.

The digs include a professional gourmet kitchen, studio/exercise area (to get into tip top Wolverine shape), recreation room for his two kids Ava and Oscar, sauna, library and wine cellar. And we can’t forget the music room where he perfects those Broadway pipes.

Check out each room for yourself in the CB! gallery above.


Welcome, movie fans! Given the number of articles I see in the Film section, this site is a haven for you. It is for me as well. I spend too much time and money at the movies and that’s even including trips to the dollar theater in my city. I have lists of movies that I want to see throughout the year and, being the book nerd that I am, a lot of them are ones that I look forward to with a very critical eye.

Coming up this year are some movies that I think will be done really well in book-to-blockbuster adaptation. But while we’re looking forward to Ender’s Game, Catching Fire, etc., I thought we’d start a new From Book To Film column with a big favourite from the turn of the year.

Introduction To This Idea

The premise of what I hope will be a series is simple: We’ll be looking at movies that have been made from books. We’ll mention some things that the movie added to it with success and without success. We’ll give you some spoilers on what you might not have caught because you haven’t read the book. We’ll leave it up to you whether you should watch it or not.

Essentially, this is the Cliff Notes for book adaptations so you can stop being hounded by your literarily-snobby friends who are quasi-hipsters and claim that you’re too mainstream if you’ve only seen the movie. I hope some of you will want to go from here to your local bookstore and/or Kindle Store or whatever you use so you can try it for yourself.

So, our agenda is to talk first about the play, then the movie and round it off with some good reasons why you should go out and find yourself a copy of this book.

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The Wolverine Hugh Jackman

It goes without saying, minor spoilers this way come.

Most adults were children once – we hope. And most children are familiar with the tale of Goldilocks and the three bears. Following her exploits in the porridge filled abode of those Ursidae, that little yellow haired squatter was famous for the phrase; “this one is just right.”

Modern economic theories suggest that businesses suffering from the so-called ‘Goldilocks Syndrome’, are those that refuse to adapt or grow beyond what works and what is safe. If that were to be applied to the medium of film, then it would denote films which fail to either upset or enthuse its viewers. These sorts of films would be enjoyable enough to be worth watching, but dull enough that one viewing is more than likely enough. It would be a fine line, and a rare find. How exactly does one make an instantly forgettable thrill ride, that leaves your mind the minute you cease viewing it; a flame to the moth, as it were?

I was recently lucky enough, or more appropriately, shoulder shrug enough to see ‘The Wolverine’. And let me tell you, it is the best average film you will see this year. ‘The Wolverine’ is probably the most enjoyable non-Marvel Studios property to date, but also the most uninspired. And here is why…

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With the 85th Academy Awards taking place today, everyone in Hollywood is making their predictions about who will come out on top this year.

Celebuzz and AJ Hammer of HLN’s Showbiz Tonight are counting down the top five Oscar buzzmakers.

No 5: Jennifer Lawrence – Despite being nominated for Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook, the actress reveals she is still not really confident about her stardom.

No 4: Hugh Jackman – The first time Best Actor nominee for Les Mis rables, calls the honor “beyond the realm of his imagination.”

No 3: Bradley Cooper – Another first time Best Actor nominee, the Silver Linings Playbook star claims he is excited about his nomination, but that he is a little starstruck by his fellow nominees.

No 2: Denzel Washington – If Washington, the veteran of this Oscar bunch, wins Best Actor for Flight, it will be his third. The actor states he chose the film because it may be the most complex role of his career.

No 1: Seth MacFarlane – The host of this year’s Oscars is setting the bar low for himself so that the only place he can go is up.

Tune in to Showbiz Tonight Mon. – Thurs. at 11pm ET/PT on HLN. And, be sure to check back every week for AJ Hammer’s countdown of the top 5 buzzmakers right here on Celebuzz.

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